Thursday, May 5, 2011


is not my middle name. I think my middle name goes something like "bounces around like a bb in a boxcar", at least that is what my sainted father use to say about my behavior. So last week I started 3 new socks and over the week I have knitted on all 3 of them. First, the Lorna's Laces Zombie BBQ yarn in the rpm pattern.

Second, the Gale's Art Crayon Box yarn in the Charade pattern.

And third, Fiber Optics Kashmir Tequila Sunrise yarn in the Pyroclastic pattern.

Now you can see I have made nice progress on each of these socks, but if I had focused I could have a pair of socks finished by now instead of 3 single unfinished ones - sheesh - just bouncing from sock to sock. (Here is a link to for socks. Lots of free patterns in case you aren't on And then there is the cross stitch I'm working on. This is Country Flower Sampler by Cedar Hill.

This is so close to being finished. A couple of stems, a little back stitching oand fill in those 2 flowers and it is done! Maybe I'll buckle down tonight with this. My big motivation here is I want to start something new - imagine that, I know you can. Oh I did get all 121 butterflies sewn together for the center of the wonky butterfly quilt. Now onto the borders. I really want this one ready to start quilting by the beginning of next week. The deadline on this will come quick.

Hope you've been productive this week. Starting a new project is soooo much fun but finishing isn't bad either.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oh pooh - focus shmocus - just have fun. :-)

    Love your socks - very cute!

    I really love your sampler - YUM!

  2. Somehow with your lack of focus, your cross stitching progress continues unabated! The Cedar Hills stitch is going to be glorious!

  3. Cool socks so far! I really like that Tequila Sunrise colorway! And you are so close to finishing that Ceder Hill the colors!

  4. Love all the socks! That Tequila Sunrise color is awesome! Cedar Hill is really a cute piece!

  5. Well add an second BB, I am in there with your projects...the socks are awesome!

  6. OH everything that you are doing is great. No sense in focusing on just one. :)

  7. Wheeeee! I love your blog! And if you hadn't left a comment on mine, I would never have found it. Love the socks, love the quilting, love your Cedar Hill. And your attitude towards finishing. Very healthy, if you ask me :o)

  8. Wonderful progress on all your lovely projects! Funnily enough, I usually have lots of different projects on the go~~but I try to stick to just one per type (ie. 1 sweater, 1 pair of socks, 1 shawl, etc. And right now, all of those things are on the needles...oops, I lied, there are 2 sweaters!)

  9. I focus about like you do Carol! LOL Good thing I haven't taken up knitting....yet! LOL Have a great weekend.

  10. Love the projects, all of them! I'm having trouble focusing on just one project myself :-) Enjoy!

  11. Productive? What is this productive you speak of??? That's for work, not for stitching or knitting or anything fun. LOL

    Love how all 3 of your socks are coming along and that sampler is adorable!


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