Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trying to catch up

Well a week without a laptop is not fun! I was able to borrow my son's a couple of times but then I ran into the problems with Blogger not letting me leave comments. Maybe it was a good week to take a break. I am very happy with my new laptop - it is so much faster than my vintage one. I've figured out how to upload my pictures and I didn't lose any of the online games I like to play like Icebreakers and Pirate Penguins and Poppit you know the games that let your mind go all mushy. I need them to keep me sane, well at least as sane as possible.

Today I got the Wonky Butterfly quilt pin basted - here is a section in the Frankenquilt stage.

This is my favorite butterfly...

it is yellow, it has dots and some buttons, and there is typography. This is a Nancy Wolff fabric - I love her artistic style. I don't think she is doing fabric anymore and that makes me sad. I do have a small stash of her prints and I am using them selectively. I did make a quilt top using a bunch of her animal prints. I need to let it see the light of day and get quilted.

And speaking of quilting, I'm not looking forward to machine quilting the butterfly quilt. First, it is BIG! I knew it was going to be around 90 something inches when I graphed it out, but the I changed the outer border which necessitated a second smaller border to balance it out and well...... the quilt is now 100" square - ackkk!!!! I do know that the quilting is going to be on the basic side. Some straight line quilting around the blocks and I'm thinking a little meandering in the wings. I was able to get several spools of a lovely variegated thread so I shouldn't run out.

I need to have this quilt ready to mail out June 7 - that gives me 10 days. It is doable and I have no one to blame but myself for getting into this situation. I think you learn something from almost every quilt you make and this one is teaching me that I need to think it through before I go off all willy-nilly submitting quilt entries. I can do machine quilting but I honestly prefer to pass this task off to my long arm quilter. She does a wonderful job and has way more skill in this area than I do.

Okay off to rearrange my machines and set the table up for the quilting. Check back tomorrow I'll have a sampler and a giveaway too. I realized last week that I've had my blog for a year now so a bloganniversary celebration is in order.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Have fun quilting it, I think that is the most fun part of the whole process...

  2. What a fun and quirky quilt! I love it! I got a kick out of the typography fabby. Hope you make your deadline!


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