Monday, October 1, 2012

A bit past half-way on Design Wall Monday

I had another lovely weekend where sewing and stitching and knitting were all activities in which I participated. My Fallout Stars are a little bit past half-way done.

The bottom five rows are sewn together and the top four rows are waiting their turn. Now this is a danger point for me. At this stage I know how it is going to look, no surprises remain, and my mind starts to wander to what will be my next project. And we all know how incredibly enticing a new project can be, how it can seduce you into leaving the quilt you are working on. NO.... don't go!!! Okay, I was weak, but I did recover... I only made 4 blocks for the next quilt I want to sew.

Now this looks big, but looks are deceiving. There are four 6" blocks sewn together here so that is only 12" of quilt. The blocks are the Picnic pattern from Kim Brackett's book Scrap-Basket Sensations. I've been feeling the urge to make another scrap quilt from my rather large Debbie Mumm stash. You can make two 6" blocks from a 2 1/2" strip that is WOF. I want my quilt to be 11 X 11 blocks -- 121 in total -- soooo I will need 61 different fabrics. I have more than enough to chose from. In fact, the problem will be limiting myself to 61 different fabrics. I want to have a nice mix of colors - blue, red, brown, green, gold, orange and maybe a smattering of purple and black. Oh this is going to be lots of fun.

But first I need to go back and finish the Fallout Stars, if for no other reason than to clear my design wall for new Picnic blocks. And if you are interested in seeing some quilts I finished, check back later this week. I got the binding on 2 quilts and I have 2 more that are ready to be bound. I'm taking the two I have finished for Show N Tell at tonight's guild meeting. Hope you have a productive week!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I think I might stay more focused if I couldn't see how close I was to finishing.

    Like the new creates a funny chain. I'd say I can't wait to see more, but that might encourage you to abandon the stars.

  2. I definitely know what you mean about the mind wandering to the next project!! I'm at that point right now - finishing up one and trying to figure out what the next victim will be! It's so much fun!!

  3. The half quilt wants to be a whole, Carol, I can hear it crying out from here!

    I'm doing Picnic blocks as leader enders and my setting is also going to be larger than the book's, but not quite as large as yours :)

  4. You must finish your Fallout quilt - it's wonderful.

    However, I do understand how much fun you're having with Picnic. You have the BEST selection of novelty type prints. I love my Picnic quilt and hope to quilt it very soon.

  5. love that your weekend was sucessful. I love the feeling I get when I take time to create..Julianne

  6. love your hexigons! And the picnic quilt is screaming to be worked on, i can hear it from here!


  7. You needed to start that.....just to take the edge off ;)

  8. Your Fallout quilt is so close to being finished -- you can do it. Don't desert it now. But I would have a hard time not making more picnic blocks every week too. That is the fun part -- picking out fabrics and seeing how they will look in the block/quilt. Love the beginnings of this one too. Decisions, decisions.


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