Friday, October 12, 2012

Off and On the Needles

I have my first complete pair of socks for this Soctoberfest celebration! This is Opal Antonia Hand-dyed yarn -colorway 3173.

I love that puddle of gold on the first sock but by the time I got to the foot I could see that the pooling was disappearing and wide irregular stripes were developing. It continued on the second sock. There was a faint bit of pooling at the toe of the second sock - oh well. It doesn't bother me that the socks don't match. I make all my socks to be fraternal twins and these are definitely similar but different. I have 3 more skeins of this Opal Antonia and I can't wait to see how they knit up. I will say that having this yarn knit up randomly is a great motivator to knit another round and another round and another round... and you get the picture.

So as soon as this pair was finished I was ready to cast on another sock. I was going to stick with Opal yarn but this skein of Lorna's Laces landed on my doorstep (I have no clue how it got here.... I must have "accidentally" hit the buy button... that's my story.) As soon as I opened it up I was intrigued.

Notice how one half is all a brown/black and the other half has a mirror image rainbow effect going on. I had to find out how this was going to knit up. And here it is....

You get row of brown/black in between rows of the rainbow and occasionally you get a spot where that tomato red stacks. I like it! My son called them technicolor socks which is a pretty good description.

As for Moby I wasn't able to get over to my son's house to stake him out yesterday and the weekend doesn't look promising. Hopefully next week I'll have some time to play National Geographic - LOL!

Have a great weekend!

carol fun


  1. Congrats on your finish, and I <3 the accidental yarn purchase! Any chance you remember the "color name"?

    1. Sandy it is named "In the wind" . It is from The Loopy Ewe. It is one of their special Camp Loopy yarns.

  2. I love the black and rainbow yarn. It really knits up beautifully. Thanks for showing--I am a new knitter and when I look at yarns I have no clue how they will knit up.

  3. Love the socks!

    Oh yum on the yarn! It's very pretty all worked up.

    Hope you have a fab weekend. :)

  4. I love the surprise color pooling of yarn. Makes the socks more unique!
    And that Lorna's Laces is to die for! So bright and happy!

  5. Isn't it amazing how those yarns can knit up. It's like a surprise as you go long. I love your socks even with the uneven pooling. Socks don't have to be identical - the look great!

  6. Very nice. I have a skein of "In the wind" on it's way to my house - which means I might see it in about 3 weeks. Nice to know how it's going to knit up, in advance :) I wonder how wide a scarf I'd have to make to get vertical stripes out of it.

  7. I love the way that Lorna's Laces yarn is knitting up!!!!!

    Off to do a search and see if I can score any.............

  8. Love the socks! Pooling is such fun.

  9. Ooh! Especially love how that rainbow skein knits up!

    Maybe this winter will be the time for me to get into sock knitting.

  10. Congrats on the sock finish, Carol! They're so much fun!! :D

    ROFL!!!! That darn 'buy' button. Always getting us into trouble. ;)

  11. Carol, Your socks are great looking. I'd be very happy with them. I also love the look of the rainbow yarn. That almost makes me want to try to knit socks again. Almost! lol

  12. Love the socks!! You are very crafty!Quilting, cross stitch and knitting !!

  13. Fabulous socks - the yarn is very interesting.

    You've been a busy woman!

  14. That new sock and yarn is awesome! Technicolor socks....who'd a thunk it.

  15. I love the variation in your socks! I'm telling you, you are really making me want to learn to knit! Good thing I live so far away or you might find me on your doorstep! I love everything you stitch up and I think your technicolor socks are just a way of channeling your inner 70's child - they're great!


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