Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Winner on Wednesday

Have you been waiting with bated breath? Gosh I hope not since if you had you'd probably be very blue or dead by now -- sorry! Anyway I had 22 entries in my giveaway for the 100 5" Christmas squares.

Drumroll please.... and the winner is Darlene of Quilting Daze! Give her a big round of applause!

Well I hope you week has been more productive than mine so far. I haven't even turned on my sewing machine but hopefully the weekend will have some quality time for sewing.

Happy stitching-

carol fun


  1. Woohoo! I'm a super happy girl. I can hardly wait to see all the prints. I plan to make a Christmas eye spy quilt for my granddaughter Shaye. I think she'll really enjoy it. Actually her big brother, Eli (8 yrs old) will, too. LOL

    Thank you so much, Carol.

  2. darnit! I meant to enter that--time slips away!

    I am definitely in need of some christmasy goodness in terms of fabric!

    Congrats to Darlene, though, and thanks for your generosity!

  3. What a lucky winner, wonderful pieces of fabric.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. Yay for Darlene! That'll be a fun package to receive!


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