Monday, November 19, 2012

Big Debbie Stars on Design Wall Monday

Drum roll please!! Big Debbie Stars!!

By the time I got the sashing on it got too big for my design wall, so this picture has it laying on the floor of my foyer and I'm hanging over the banister to take the shot. Oh I am in love with this quilt! Now this is a free quilt - ALL of the fabrics came from my stash. ALL 91 different Debbie Mumm fabrics! I am so thankful for my stash!

By piecing the sashing strips with 2 fabrics per 24" block I was able to showcase lots of novelties that make me happy!

Button-y vines, holly, Christmas trees, Peace on Earth, kittys and Fall leaves.

Baskets, evergreens, fruit, gingerbread guys, ladybug (this is about the last of this one I have - oh how I wish she'd reprint this one), pumpkins, polka dot chickens, chicken wire and vines.

More dotty chickens, presents, vines, words of friendship, sweet girlfriends, plaid gingerbread guys, tiny buttons, watermelon and letters.

Popcorn garlands and cardinals, the Joy of Quilting (I loved that collection), sprinkles and more buttons.

More sprinkles, sunflowers, cute Christmas words, a dotty doggie, button-y vines and vine-y

Button eyes (from a Raggedy Ann collection), baskets, a dotty kitty, stars, pie and dotty chickens.

And a grand finale of bigger dotty chickens!

It even amazes me how many dotty chickens I have in my stash. Over the years I have made at least 20 quilts exclusively using Debbie Mumm fabrics...and I may have another 20 still on my list of quilts I want to make. However, at the moment I'm going to switch gears and the next quilt I'm working on is using  Moda's Fig Tree fabrics  - soft blues, greens, corals, tans, yellows.   A change of pace.

Hope your Thanksgiving preparations are going smoothly. I'm hitting the grocery store today and Costco tomorrow and with any luck I won't have to go into  a retail establishment until the weekend.

Happy stitching!
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  1. Oh I love Debbie Mumm's designs.

    This quilt is so adorable. I really adore the kitty and the doggy...and of course the chickens, too. So sweet.

    Hope you have a wonderful day...and take care out there at the's getting crazy out there already!

    Blessings and hugs always

  2. Oh those Debbie Mumm fabrics bring back so many memories. I love your stars!!!

  3. Those fun prints worked up into a terrific looking quilt. I seldom buy novelties but adore tiny prints, especially dotty ones. Congrats on your completed stars!

  4. Very fun ! This quilt makes me think of my best friend, JoAnn, who collected everything she could get her hands on from Debbie Mumm for awhile, including her patterns.

    I take it you decided not to go with the shoofly effect where the blocks come together. Nice change, using the multi-strips for the sashing.

    Does the fact that the starpoints are on the bias seem to make any difference in the handling of the finished top?

  5. Love it! Thanks for sharing close up shots of all the novelty fabrics, too!

    OOh...Fig tree! I wonder which line(s) you'll be using. I'll look forward to seeing what comes up. :D FT is my favorite, though I'm kinda unenthused about her last few lines.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 91 Debby' Mumm fabrics? Wow, I am impressed!


  7. The quilt is just beautiful. Thanks for showing all the details!

  8. Debbie Mumm would be proud! Do you still have enough of a stash for those 20 quilts? Those prints are super cute and made for a darling star quilt...which is still on my list. I have yet to make 1 star and here you have the whole quilt pieced!

  9. Wonderful! Oh the memories in those Debbie Mumm fabrics!


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