Monday, November 26, 2012

Take two on Design Wall Monday

I have truly enjoyed this holiday weekend. There was a big tasty meal on Thursday and then lots of stitching, knitting and sewing time. Since I finished the Big Debbie Stars I was looking for a new project and this quilt called out the loudest from its giant ziploc bag. This is the Marigolds pattern by Fig Tree, you can see it here.

I've made mine a bit bigger and this is the first version I put up on my design wall.

I love the fabrics. I used several Fig Tree collections - Buttercup, California Girl and Tapestry. I got all the individual units together late on Friday night and put them on my design wall and went off to bed. When I got up on Saturday and looked at this top with fresh eyes I was surprised that it didn't look like I had pictured it in my mind....all I saw were big red x's! The pretty Marigold flower blocks had been swallowed up by the coral-y red sashing. Definitely not what I wanted.(The picture doesn't really show how strong that coral fabric me it was in your face in real life.)

So after a trip to Fabric Shack in Waynesville for the purchase of some new sashing fabric I had this this is what I was going for - a soft vintage look - and the buttery yellow tone is an added bonus for me. You know how yellow is my favorite color!

I got that upper left corner sewed together. I'm also very happy with the background fabric I used. This is PearlEssence by Galaxy for EE Schenck Company.

Can you see the shimmer of the scrolls? Very pretty. I got this at Fabric Shack too. I may have to go back again (such a hardship -LOL) and see if I can get some more. I hope to have some time to assemble this top this week.

Hope your week is fun and productive!
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your quilts are always so lovely! :)

    Glad ya'll have a nice's always nice to spend time with family and then have crafty time, too.

    Sending out hugs and blessings to you today...oh, and don't forget Big Dude, too.

  2. I love the first version with the big red X's but I understand why you didn't care for it. The second version is very soft and romantic.

    I'm so sorry you have to go back to Fabric Shack - it's definitely a huge burden. LOL

  3. I love both versions! The second one is just so soft and pretty though! :0)

  4. Both versions are great, but my favourite is the yellow one.

    Greetings Manuela

  5. Love both the versions. That is a beautiful pattern that I haven't seen before.

  6. I like the big red Xs but can see they are loud! Hmm, you went to yellow, curious...

    Viney and scroll prints are a favorite of mine too. Very pretty.

  7. I think you made the right choice to replace the red X's. The softer colors are much more appealing.

  8. Hi Carol... Funny you talk about the "Fabric Shack" ... I have been making my mental list of what I want to look for on my yearly excursion there in less than 2 weeks. Hubby takes a carving class in St. Paris OH every year, and I go along and have a private retreat in the hotel room, and a field trip to a couple of the shops I have found that I really like. Really like the Yellow version of the quilt much better, which surprises me, I am not usually a yellow fan!

  9. I liked the coral-red , then I saw the buttery yellow. It is just perfect!! Back when I lived in Louisville, I used to love day trips to Waynesville with my dear sister who lived in Cincinnati. I actually remember the Fabric Shack!!

  10. Well I was probably shopping at Fabric Shack the same time you were! Alas, my shopping was done online. I would be in big trouble if I were within driving distance of that store! Save the red X's for your next project - I love them, but that yellow is perfect for making those Marigold blocks shine - such pretty, gentle colors and that background with just a touch of shimmer adds such class! I love it!


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