Thursday, December 13, 2012


So what have I been up to this week???? Nothing blogworthy. I managed to cram all the Fall decorations I want to keep from 3 LARGE plastic storage bins to 2 LARGE plastic storage bins.... a 33% reduction in stuff. Satisfying, but not blogworthy. I've been helping my son get ready for his semester exams. Glad to help him but nothing you can take a picture of.

And then the UPS guy rang my doorbell and brought me this!! Blogworthy stuff! My order of Pam Kitty Love fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop. Such loveliness!

I selected 3 FQ packs and the buttery dotty yellow at the top (that blends into my cutting mat) is going to be the border for this quilt.

I'm going to make the Vanilla Cakes version in the lower right corner... so I'll have pretty Kitty Cakes! Oh that doesn't sound right... perhaps I need to rethink the name, but it will be pretty.

After cramming the Fall decorations into the bins I dragged out the Christmas decorations and began to disperse them throughout the house. Got the Nativity scene and the little Christmas tree in the foyer. Got the stockings hung on the mantle. And then I turned my attention to what I am now referring to as the demon tree.

Do you see that LARGE black unlit section in the middle??? It started with one strand out and now has gone to 2 strands out and I found several bulbs burnt out on the top part too! This tree is 3 years old. The only year it totally worked was the year I bought it. If one more strand goes out, and we all know it will, I'm going to cut off all the pre-lit lights and just put lights on myself. I will never buy another tree like this. Putting the lights on is my least favorite part, so purchasing this tree was going to free me of that task... forever and ever and ever and ever. At least that was my delusional thinking. Only 3 years old and I'm right back to the task I paid big bucks to avoid. Marsha at Everybody Loves Clark is having the same issues and is planning to send her annoying un-lit pre-lit tree out for the trash after Christmas. Mine may be joining hers.

Sooooooo I have plans this for the weekend to turn on my sewing machine and to get the demon tree decorated. I picked up another strand of lights today at Walmart. It was the only package of multi-colored ones in the store. All that were left were packages of all blue or all green, no white or multi. And they were out of extension cords and the heavy duty double stick foam tape I use to attach the stocking holders to the mantle. I guess tomorrow will include a trip to Target.

Hope your holiday preparations are going more smoothly than I might house. Off to empty the dryer and perhaps sit down and knit a bit.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. At least you have a really awesome Christmas quilt behind your going-to-run-it-over-with-a-truck-irritating Christmas tree!

  2. Shannon said it all. Lovely fat quarters.

  3. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the annual cursing of the greens. 😛

  4. Lovely quilting projects, both finished and in the planning stage. You probably don't want to know that the prelit fake tree we bought in 2004 is still going strong; the only light problem we had this year was the section DH forgot to plug in. :-)

  5. I love the fat quarter fabrics you got in the mail today--been looking at them myself--but????
    I have come so close to getting a pre-lit tree--but I go from clean one year to colored the next for one thing and then this year it has seemed to be a bigggg problem for everyone with the strings burning out--so--sorry you are having a problem!!!
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  6. Love that quilt hanging behind the demon! Has Big Dude been climbing the tree?

  7. Our pre-lit tree did the same thing, so a few years ago we just cut all the lights off. That was a pain but I still loved the tree and now I can light it up however I want! :0)

  8. Didn't even notice the tree ~ my eye went right to the quilt!

  9. I do love that beautiful quilt behind the demon tree! All of you have me scared. We did the same thing, bought a fake tree to avoid putting on all those lights. in Year 2 , we are ok so far. I have my fingers crossed. I much prefer a real tree with its wonderful smell. I have candles lit all over the place trying to cover the fake tree smell.

  10. Freakin Xmas lights!! That is so frustrating about the tree. It is such a holiday cliche though. It makes me smile. Sorry :(
    That fabric is absolutely beautiful an happy!
    Hugs and wishes for a great weekend.

  11. You are looking very Christmasy, Carol! The quilt looks gorgeous hanging there. Want you to know how much I enjoy having you as a blogging friend! Merry Christmas!

  12. I totally understand about those blasted lights. Mine has the same problem but it is a little older. What caught my eye though was your beautiful present quilt behind it. That is so perfect for the spot. No one will notice the lights are out on the tree.

  13. I think there is a conspiracy when it comes to Christmas Tree lights. They do that so you have to keep buying them...hence, the empty shelves before Christmas.
    I'm excited to see your new quilt take shape - super cute fabric and great pattern.

  14. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog recently.
    Looks like gorgeous new fabrics waiting for you to have a little time to play. Also, love the present quilt behind the demon tree!! Happy Holiday Season :)


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