Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some some snow day stitching on Sunday

Oh my it is a beautiful sun-shiny day here in Ohio. It is only 29 degrees and everything is covered with a 5" blanket of snow. And the road crews have been busy, even my cul-de-sac which is off of another cul-de-sac is snow free. We've had 2 snow events since Christmas and that makes more snow that we've seen in the last 2 years combined. I'm ok with it at the moment, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have to deal with any yuckky road conditions the rest of the winter.(Yes I am totally delusional. I know there will be problems. I live in a city of hills, big steep hills that get covered in snow and ice. Bad driving conditions are inevitable I just chose to ignore it for this moment.)

So on the day after Christmas when we got our first snow fall I unearthed this gem - Snow Day by With thy Needle & Thread.

Another sampler with a GIANT figure towering over everything. I LOVE that! I also excavated this piece of linen from my stash. I don't have any idea what it is other than it is 30 ct. and it is hand-dyed and is a lovely light olive-y brown-y color. All the flosses came out of my stash - DMC and a bit of Weeks for his nose. I'm thinking of adding a alphabet line at the bottom and making this a sampler. I'm planning on adding this to my winter display along with my finished Lizzie Kate Winter Alphabet (you can see it here) and my finished Boughs of Holly which is another WTN&T piece (which can be seen here). I got a great coupon in the mail the other day for Micheal's framing - 60% off plus an additional $10 off and Joann's will honor this coupon. Should be a very reasonable price.

On Friday I talked about how I reviewed by knitting accomplishments for 2012 and today I can speak to my cross stitch finishes. According to my tally I completed 15 cross stitch projects. Six of which - 40% - were Blackbird Designs. I'm seeing a definite bias - LOL! Now I also looked back and saw that I planned on finishing this...

BBD Anniversaries of the Heart. I'm almost halfway done, sort of, kinda. I haven't done any personalization on this yet. (some of these are kinda fuzzy - sorry!)

I do know that I will put my oldest son's birth date in this block for January.

And my youngest son's birth date will go in this block for April - love those tulips.

This block is for August. I need to get both my Mom's and my Grandma's birth dates in here.

And this one is September, my birth month. I have added the chicken (it was graphed for a dog) and the house is yellow, so I have done some personalization here. The real incriminating information (year of birth) will follow -LOL!

So I have completed a lovely number of samplers and started a few a couple several quite a lot more pieces to be finished some time in the future. I'm not putting any deadlines out there - not gonna do it! And there is a bulging stash of other LARGE samplers that have been started. Perhaps one of them will get lucky and get finished in 2013. You never know, stranger things have happened... like buying a multi-million dollar lottery ticket. Oh that would be nice!

So on this New Year's Eve eve my wish for you and for me is lots of crafty time in 2013!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I think any year that you were born in would be a good gave us you.

    One of my brothers may be moving out your way. Maybe we will get a chance to meet yet.

  2. You must be in the right spot because we don't have any sun here! It sure would help if we'd get a peek of it! Your stitching is all wonderful! :0)

  3. "Snow Day" will display perfectly with "Boughs of Holly" - how fun! And another coupon awaits your pleasure! A of the Heart is going to be something special! Envy you your snow days!

  4. I think you accomplished quite a bit. I love your new start. I am wishing for a little snow here in NC. Unfortunately, when it gets cold enough we usually just get ice. I am looking forward to following you in 2013 - Happy New Year!

  5. Snow Day is one of my favorite designs. It's a perfect project for a snow day. Have fun and stay warm.

  6. I want to thank you for being my 'motivator' for this past year!!!
    I somethings thought that I should not be doing knitting, counted cross stitching and quilts--but if you can do it--then so shall I!!!
    thanks again and the very best of everything to you in the new year--
    hugs, and love, di and miss gracie

  7. You sure did accomplish a lot of stitching this year!
    I love the perspective on the snowman stitchery!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  8. Love that towering snowman!! And the BBD piece is beautiful! I have those in my stash ~ and one day, if I ever decide if I am going to do them as one piece or separate, I may just stitch them!

  9. You have many wonderful accomplishments! The BBD piece is beautiful. I'm going to resist making a year long plan for stitching. I think I'll just do what moves me at the time. Have a very happy New Year!!

  10. The towering snowman is pretty darn cute! Hope the snow thing works out for you this winter--ha ha.

    Reviewing is good--you can look back at many happy hours spent stitching these beauties. It is always easier to start than finish, a well known fact!!!! Enjoy your crafting time New Year's Eve. Sounds like the perfect way to spend it!

  11. Beautiful stitching post Carol!
    Wishing you the same in 2013!


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