Sunday, December 9, 2012

Very slow stitching on Sunday

The cross stitching in the last week has been very slow. In fact all the crafty stuff this week has been moving on a glacier pace. I haven't even turned on my sewing machine. So sad.... I do hope for some productive crafty time this week.

So I stitched myself a couple of tree trunks, two ponies and a headless armless woman.

I want to add an alphabet along the bottom of this piece. I have lots of books that have graphed alphabets some where in my storage room. Now I need motivation to go searching.

On the decorating front I haven't made much progress either. I did do some cleaning in preparation but I'm awaiting some muscle to get down my boxes of decorations. I put out less Fall decorations than I have in the past and I'm thinking I'll be downsizing my Christmas decorations too. I'm just in that kind of mood this year. I'm putting out my favorite stuff but not ALL my stuff. And I'm good with that.

Have a great week - hopefully next week will be more productive than the last one!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. LOL! Every cross stitch piece whould have a headless armless woman. Hey, as long as you get a chance to stitch a little every day, it's all good.

  2. I'm the same way this year with the decorations! Trying to keep it more simple.
    Your woman has a see~through skirt as well! ;)

  3. We all have weeks like that! Hope this week will be a good one for you!

  4. I finished putting out my decorations today. Way, way less this year too. And that TREE! One strand blinks. We had two more areas go dark so two strand of lights had to be added. DH hates that blinking strand but i'm just going with it. Stupid tree. It's going in the garbage after Christmas. Good riddance to you Mr. Stupid tree. (Notice, it was a Mr. Stupid tree)

  5. At least the woman is clothed even if she is limbless, lol! I've done very little crafting this week too, but have a project due tomorrow for DD#1 and by gosh I better do it! Hope your muscle shows up...going through my boxes this year I'm noticing some very tired old stuff that needs to go. But our favorites we never tire of, right?

  6. Downsizing is a good thing! I have done alot of it this year.

  7. Oh I do like your two ponies - they remind me of the Shetland/Welsh mix I owned for over 20 years. I too am slow with holiday decorating.

  8. I love the horses in this piece.
    I have not gotten much stitched either :(
    Maybe we will both have a more productive week!

  9. Love what you are stitching...I think the chicken is adorable. It cracks me up how you always seem to have a spare chicken laying around....I love that! :)

    Ok, get a face on that headless chick, she is starting to freak me out, big time!

    Hugs and blessings sent your way dear friend :)

  10. Don;t let my DH come close to those tree trunks - he's not finished with his chainsaw! :) This time of year, any stitching at all is a bonus. I feel at loose ends on the days I don't get to stitch. It won't be long before you'll be handing that cute sampler off to your frame girls! On a side note: I ordered the Santa's Christmas village and I CAN NOT wait to get it! Thank you!


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