Thursday, February 28, 2013

Showing my socks

Today I'm sporting another simple stockinette pair of socks in one of my favorite brands of yarn - Opal.

I love how Opal comes up with interesting color combinations and mix of patterns and stripes. You can see that these socks are fraternal twins. I followed my "normal" modus operandi. After knitting the first sock I took the remaining yarn, and I rewound it so that the pattern would reverse and the socks would not match. I like how the green in this yarn looks a bit like trees or or maybe a waterfall - okay maybe that's the yarn fumes talking - LOL!

Check out the Patchwork Times to see what  socks other people are wearing today.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Those socks are so cool. Love how the colors change in them!

  2. How beautiful! And how clever of you to rewind the yarn and make the 2nd sock opposite.

  3. Opal is such fun. I like your trees.

    I don't "bother" to try to make my socks match either. I did in the past but sometimes it took lots of yarn yardage before I got to the match point.

  4. I think it is neat that it is OK for the socks not to match because they are hand made. Trying to make them match must be crazy making.

  5. I see trees, yes definitely trees!!
    And they don't match?? They look like a matching set to me. Must get my eyes checked, huh?

    Love the color of those socks too and they would be my favorite because my mother's name is Opal.


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