Friday, February 15, 2013

What's on the needles?

Okay so this week has been filled with unpleasant tasks such as cleaning and sorting and organizing and recycling and pitching the flotsam and jetsam that has accumulated in this house over the past 20 years. I have a new found appreciation of trash bags that don't split and plastic storage containers with tight fitting snapped on lids. Lots of stuff has left the house but there is still lots to go through. That said I didn't get much crafty done this week. Some evenings I was too tired to do any more that a row or two of knitting. However I did get this pair of socks completed -- Into the Whirled yarn in the Vampires of Venice colorway. You can see it here at the Loopy Ewe site.

The socks on the right is the first one I knit and you can see the pooling at that occurred as I started it. As it progressed the pattern became a stripy one and the continued on the second sock too.

Here's a close up of how the colors played out - plum, forest green, chocolate brown, turquoise

And the mailman dropped off some new squishy goodies yesterday - perfect timing. I cast this pair on last night. This is Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock in the Supercolourfragilistic colorway. You can check it out along with lots of other great colorways here.

This is what the skein looked like when it arrived. Such gorgeous colors - burnt' orange, peach yellow, a touch of lime, burgundy, teal and a flash of turquoise.

 I opened up the skein to see how this was dyed. Big Dude was happy to assist in the inspection and found it suitable.

I'm glad I remembered to take pictures of the skein in this state so when I go to do some yarn dyeing this spring I'll be able to see the arrangement of colors and I'll know how it knit up.

I'm sticking with the 60 stitch plain vanilla stockinette socks. I think most patterns done with this yarn would just get lost. This yarn is a joy to knit with. It is nice and round and has a wonderful sheen. I've got several pairs of socks that use Blue Moon Fibers. This yarn doesn't have any nylon in it and I normally steer clear of yarns without a bit of nylon for socks but I made an exception for this yarn because it is just soooo pretty and I adore the names they give to there colorways.

I apologize for not responding to all the lovely commments you've left this week. I will catch up this weekend.

Don't forget to check Judy's blog the Patchwork Times to see what others have been up to this week.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love both those yarns you chose- they would make even plain socks interesting to knit.

  2. I like to color changes and great use of the cat for scale. haha

  3. Those yarn colors are so pretty! Makes me think I need to take up knitting! But then I'll never get through the life time supply of charts I have accumulated!

  4. The socks are lovely. I've started knitting a pair of socks after not having knitted any for probably 12-15 years & I am at a total loss. I am doing a simple basic stockinette stitch pair which are actually a combination of 3 different patterns because they were each easier to understand on different levels. I'm doing a Charlene Schurch heel ... just got the flap done & need to do the turn now. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out, but then, the gusset ... lol!

  5. OMG I just love the second color , so vright and sunny !! Wish it was for sale here !!

    Patti xx

  6. Hello!
    I am a new follower!
    Both of those yarns are absolutely gorgeous, especially the second one! I have a bit of a thing for yarn, so if I saw that I would buy it right away! Haha!

    Just a little note, I am having a 100th post Giveaway on my blog if you wanted to pop over for a chance to win one of my knitted hats, I would love to hear from you! :)

    Taylor Kay


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