Monday, February 11, 2013

Novelties abound on Design Wall Monday

There definitely wasn't enough sewing time in my weekend, but that's my own doing as I worked on cleaning out our storage room. We've been in this house for 20 years and lots has gone into the storage room but not much has left. I'm trying to rectify that situation and it is taking time. However I did give myself a little fun time on Saturday as I cut out some pieces for my Wiggly Whimsey quilt - its a Moda Bake Shop pattern and you can see it here. Terry at Terry's Treasures is doing a SAL and I couldn't resist joining in.

I've got 2 rows done which I think has me on track. It is hard to tell from a distance but this is my background fabric. It is a Benartex and I had it in my stash although it is a fairly recent addition - nevertheless I'm considering it to be "free" fabric. (Yes I know I'm delusional, just nod your head and play along.)

Now this quilt uses a pack of charm squares and if made that way you could sew this baby up in an afternoon. Yet you know that I am taking a different path. There are 148 2" finished squares that would come from the charm pack. Instead I am fussy cutting 148 different 2" finished squares from my stash - which we all know is totally free fabric. (Again nod your head -- good job!) Here are some I sewed together.

Of course we have the obligatory polka dot chicken...

and fried chicken legs...

a piece of my beloved Elvis fabric...

a pink Princess phone that I would have killed for when I was 16...

a happy yellow robot...

a startled mummy...

a cat wearing a plaid jacket and reading a book... (and this isn't the strangest one I have so far - LOL!)

a pirate...

a pig eating pepperoni pizza...

a sweet little boy...

and an ant juggling blueberries on a picnic tablecloth... okay, this may be the strangest one so far!

I think you can clearly see that I am having a ball with my novelties. I've only gone through about 1/4 of my stash so far and I can't wait to see what else I can find. Now if I can only resist bringing some new novelties into the house. Oh the temptation is sooooo strong. Just this weekend while doing some online browsing I found vintage cars, a food truck, a typewriter, mermaids, bicycles, a golf cart, a matryoskha doll, bright colored sewing machines and dinosaurs. I think I'm toast - LOL!

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Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. What fun to have all your blocks fussy cut! I love your background fabric! And yes...if it comes from your stash, it's free fabric! LOL

  2. Your novelties are, as the kids would say, COOL!

  3. Your going to have such a cute "free" quilt. It will be a version of I spy. Some child will love it.

  4. Your novelty fabric makes me snicker and giggle. Although the ant juggling blueberries did make me snicker, I have to say it's a bit strange. LOL

    I DID have a pink princess phone when I was 16. :-)

  5. As usual, your design wall is fun and bright. What a great idea to make this a i-spy quilt.

  6. These are hilarious! And FREE! (nodding head) What could be better? Fun fun fun

  7. :0))). That is a realy, really big grin!

  8. What a great collection of novelty fabrics!

  9. Love Love it. Now it's also on my list to make. I like your novelty version best.

  10. Your fussy cut novelties are great! I could send you some additional fun ones so you won't have to buy any more if you want more. Just let me know.

  11. What unbelievable fabric, so fun!

  12. You have the BEST novelty fabric I have ever seen! Love your rows.


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