Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working on Wednesday

I was looking for a project that I cut out eons ago, put together about 4 blocks and then stuffed  back in a plastic bag. I had put it someplace safe, very, very safe. It took about 2 hours to locate the project I was looking for, and along the way I also discovered this quilt. I think the last time it saw the light of day was back in September, 2012. Now all it needed was to have the last 2 rows sewn on and the borders added.... and I did it!

I called this quilt Fallout Hexagon Stars because the pieced hexagons reminded me of that symbol for fallout shelters that were everywhere in the 60's. You can see one here.

I love the fabrics in this quilt. That golden yellow that makes the star points and the border is from a Christmas line of a couple of years ago by Nancy Halvorsen. The circles are made of dots and it reminds me of looking at candles glowing through raindrops on a window. Very pretty. If this line every gets reprinted I'll buy more of it, in lots of colors.

I know it is early to be thinking about quilts for Fall but it would be nice to be ahead of the season. This quilt has lovely leaves...

and interesting pieced hexagons...

and chickens!!!

Now I need to find a back for this and send it off to the long arm quilter. I'm thinking an all over swirly pattern in a golden yellow thread. Oh remember how I said I was genetically unable to make a small quilt.... well, this was suppose to be just a little throw. When I first put the borders on I got carried away and this top actually measured 80 X 92- sheesh! I ended up cutting off a couple of inches on each border. I'll use that fabric for the binding so it won't go to waste, but in the end this one measures 70 X 85. A very generous throw - LOL!

I am already envisioning this quilt draped over a chair in my new living room this Fall. My choices for the living room include a lot of neutrals - soft beige couch and easy chair, a round ottoman in a beige/gold print, cream colored area rugs on hardwood floors, two accent chairs in taupe and yellow and several yellow accent tables. You can see my picks here on my Pinterest board. I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head. I've bought pieces from several different stores and like I said on Sunday, most of my purchases are still living in warehouses around the state waiting to be called home.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


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  2. You definitely have a beautiful quilt for fall.

  3. I remember this one! Glad to see you'll be using it in the new house. Looks great!

  4. I love it when you find these projects and then just wrap it up. This is a gorgeous quilt. I love the fall colors. So glad that you went project hunting :)

  5. I love it when you find these projects and then just wrap it up. This is a gorgeous quilt. I love the fall colors. So glad that you went project hunting :)

  6. Just checked out your new furniture! Wow!! That gorgeous quilt will fit right in for sure, Sounds like you are getting closer to being settled down. What fun it will be to get it altogether. Carol

  7. The fall out shelter symbol is what popped into my head at first glance! Beautiful colors. I make a lot of throw quilts and stop when I run out of fabrics for that quilt. Good for you for using up your fabric!!

  8. Love the colors and ready for fall here ~ I'm done with heat and humidity!


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