Friday, July 12, 2013

What's on the Needles this Friday

So it took about a week longer to get to this point than I anticipated. I always forget that I'm increasing a couple of stitches every 4 rows and it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and the rows take longer and longer and longer to knit. This is the second time I've knitted Cladonia and it won't be my last time. I'm working on the lace border now and it is too large to totally spread out on these circular needles.

Gray and goldenrod with a pumpkin orange accent! And the yarn is soooo soft - DROPS Alpaca. I'll be knitting with this yarn again too.

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Happy knitting and stitching-

carol fun


  1. Oh my, I'd be sweltering under that as I knit. But it looks delish.

  2. Beautiful! Nice pattern,too.


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