Sunday, July 21, 2013

Enjoying some Slow Stitching on Sunday

I am totally enjoying some slow stitching this Sunday. I was feeling kinda yuckky Friday and Saturday. I could blame the heat but since I'm a stay inside with the AC kinda gal, that really didn't have any bearing on the issue. I spent the days vegging interspersed with a bit of knitting and cross stitching and reading. Here's where my BBD AotH piece is now....

the house for November  called Evergreen Lane is partially built, kinda like my house renovation project.

I want to include some little saying about Thanksgiving in that cartouche at the bottom. There is a lot of space there for a nice sentiment if I stitch it over one. Gotta think about that.

On the house renovation front, I have drywall in my kitchen - yeah! And if Tom's other projects are progressing we can go pick up the kitchen cabinetry at IKEA before this week is over. Fingers crossed!

In anticipation of moving I have been going through my crafty stuff. I've thinned out my fabric stash a bit, and I've corralled my yarn from about 10 different hidey holes and organized it - a bit. I haven't had the energy to tackle my rubber stamp and paper collection which is pretty formidable. What I have discovered are lots and lots and lots of fabrics and projects and yarns and ziploc bags filled with one finished sock and a second started sock,I didn't remember I had. Also I've been hit with the realization that I should never ever ever buy another piece of fabric or skein of yarn. I have sooooo much stuff and well, I love my stuff. But trying to downsize and organize has been like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It looks nice in those plastic bins but I'm still sinking. My little house seems to have a nice amount of storage space but I'm afraid I may max it out before I get everything moved in - yikes! I'm not really packing things up as I should be able to move a carload at a time from this house to my new place. I've done this kinda move before, years ago... when I was much younger... and didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I moved all the contents of a 3 bedroom house (except the appliances and big pieces of furniture) from one neighborhood to another, a load at a time in my station wagon. Remember station wagons?

So I need to go and have a cup of tea and try to calm down and sit and stitch a bit. I know you can't move a 20 year accumulation of stuff in a day, or even a week. Its gonna take time, just like the renovations are. But oh, I can't wait to get this show on the road.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. When we moved 8 years ago I couldn't believe the boxes and bins of quilting and fabric stuff. Ugh!

    When's the BIG move? Soon????

  2. Moving is a big fat pain! But...once you are in the new place it is all worth it. Not far to go now on your AoTH piece, it is gorgeous.

  3. Moving is no fun! It is good to go thru years of accumulation and enjoy the memories they kindle. Love all the stitching! Just remember soon this too shall pass.

  4. You are hilarious! Rearranging chairs on the Titanic...l am laughing really loud for real!!!
    Hope you enjoy some stitching time while pondering all the blessings you have around you...piled up in boxes! LOL
    Thanks for the giggles and for linking up today!

  5. DH and I would like to move, but we have too much STUFF! And I know I could sew for the rest of my life without buying any more fabric, except maybe for backings or bindings. But that won't stop me from buying more, will it? Yarn is under control, but then there's the scrapbook stuff and the rubber stamps . . . . Good Luck!!

  6. Your slow stitching is lovely. I hope thinning out your fabric isn't causing your illness. I'm afraid it might affect me that way. Hehehe

  7. Moving houses is always a terrifying reminder of how much stuff we all have. I hope you will get it all settled in soon and not get too overwhelmed with it all.

  8. Your BBD is just amazing! I know what you mean. I will need to live to 100 just to use up the stash I have now!

  9. moving is just plain hard work no matter how you slice it up and yes, quite a reminder of how much stuff we have accumulated. i bet it will all come in handy one day.

    your cross stitched houses projects is wonderful and clearly you are a practiced stitcher as they look perfect~!

    happy slow sunday stitching

  10. Moving can be so taxing, but cleansing at the same time ~ and if you can take your time perhaps it will be easier to organize in your new place!

  11. I'm still finding things from my move a couple of years ago. Think of it as 'Christmas morning' as you 'find' new things. Good luck with your move. Enjoy the quiet stitch moments in between packing.

  12. I hope that you are feeling better Carol! Great progress on anniversaries.
    I hope that the move continues to go well. I feel the same way about by stash. This is the opportunity to finish some wonderful projects that you loved but only got half way through :)Hugs!

  13. Moving is certainly an overwhelming sort of task. Doing it a little bit at a time sounds like a great idea. Can your boys help?

  14. Moving is certainly an overwhelming sort of task. Doing it a little bit at a time sounds like a great idea. Can your boys help?

  15. I totally understand! You never know how much crap you've accumulated until you have to move it. LOL!


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