Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another finish

Well on Tuesday I was a ball of fire and got a ton of things done, one of which was the binding on this quilt.

The pattern is Charm Pack Cherry. You can get it here free from Fat Quarter Shop. Now mine is bigger as I had 3 charm packs of this Circa 1934 collection and the pattern only calls for two. Either way I think it is a great looking quilt and it is fast fast fast to stitch up.

I had it quilted by Terry Finnerty of the Walking Needle - here is her Facebook page- and she was fast fast fast getting it quilted. I love this panto but I forgot to ask what it is called. Oh well, she'll know when I need it again.

My youngest son loves this quilt and it now resides at the foot of the bed.

Wednesday was the day that wasn't - woke up feeling yucky, achy and tired - stayed home all day - did nothing. Today is better, still tired but not achy and got a few things done. I'm hoping to get enough energy this weekend to do a couple of projects around the house, have to see how that pans out.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Missed you at small group at Swaim: now I know why! Great quilt! Feel better...

  2. Awesome red quilt. Very manly and I can see why your son liked it. Lucky guy.

  3. that quilt turn out great! well done!!

  4. Love this!! Hope you are feeling better!


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