Friday, March 28, 2014

Surrounding myself with yarn !

Another week has flown by. My sainted Grandma told me that time moves faster the older you get and I believe her now. The weather has vacillated between Winter and Spring. The sun is shining right now and they are predicting 70 for Monday. Yippee! Here in Cincinnati Monday is the opening day of baseball season and it is an unofficial holiday around here. We have a big parade before the game,and the ball park is always sold out. Adults and kids play hooky to participate in the festivities and to me it is the true beginning of Spring. Now I'm not real sure of the Cincinnati Reds chances this year. Lots of injuries already and we play St.Louis 6 times in April. Could be a rough start but oh I do love watching baseball. Go Reds!

So on the crafty front, I did finish a pair of socks. This is Blue Moon Socks that Rock Lightweight in the color Sunshine Superman. You can see their selection of yarns here. This colorway was available last Christmas but I don't see it listed now.

And when I finished those I picked up this skein. This is Regia Design Line Garden Effects by Kristin Nichols. You can find it here.

I thought about doing pattern on this pair and tried out one but after about 10 rounds I saw it just didn't show up. I frogged back to the cuff and left in the row of purls that the pattern had started with. I went on to randomly put in a row of purls. It adds a little interest.

But my biggest yarn project this week has been organizing my stash. When I moved in 5 months ago I had done a little sorting but I knew I needed to do a better job. So I went and got more of the Sterlite latch box containers I love - you can see them here - and here - I got mine at Walmart. And I sorted and organized and this is the result as it resides in  a basement storage room.

Each box has a label (a post it note) attached to the inside to tell me what is in the box.
I know is it hard to see in the picture but the top box says "amazing" the yarn I used for all those cowls I did this winter. And the bottom box has a assortment of yarns - Opal, Kauni, and  my stash of chunky yarns - Rowan, Malabrigo Rios, etc.

Sorting was eye opening as I've forgotten about a lot of this yarn and I have some very nice skeins. I really need to knit from my stash more.

And here you can see how the Dude was helping out. Inspecting is an important part of the job. All those bins are sitting atop an old dresser that belonged to my sainted Grandma. It wouldn't fit in any of the rooms upstairs but I can't bear to part with it.

Have a great weekend!

Happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. Congrats on organizing your yarn. I see you had Cat Help too. Now I need to organize my cross stitch linens by count...

  2. I love the way your stacked yarn vaults look! So much inspiration and you're right, it's always a surprise to see what we have once it's all in once spot. Very clever to have feline security to guard your stash!

    Every sock you knit is just gorgeous. I wear mine on special occasions, but they're so pretty that I almost want to frame them. :)

  3. Had you heard that Ozzie Smith started a petition on the White House website to make opening day a national holiday? Apparently 100,000 signatures guarantees it will be reviewed, and it has gotten that many. I'm looking forward to opening day also. How about if the Cards and Reds go 3-3, then you and I can both be equally happy! Cute socks, too. Finish the red pair for opening day. =)

  4. wow, that is a lot of yarn! Mind you, I can't exactly say I don't have massive stash of, well, everything!

  5. What a sweet helper ~ plenty of yarn to choose from! Yay for baseball season!


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