Friday, March 14, 2014

Sock it to me

While I was vegging on Wednesday and Thursday I did a bit of sock knitting. I love sock knitting. It is relaxing and mindless when I'm using self striping yarn and just doing a basic stockinette sock.
                   knit knit knit knit knit knit...very calming.

So I was able to finish this pair using the Opal Ambiente yarn. I used colorway 1860 - you can see all the colorways here. No repeat of stripe pattern - I like that!

This pair has only 52 stitches on 3.25 needles. I may go down another couple of stitches on the next pair. It is tighter than the first pair and after I wear and wash them I'll reevaluate.

So since I finished that pair I had to cast on another pair. I always have a sock on the needles ready to pick up at any time. This yarn is from Blue Moon you can see their yarns here. The colorway is called Sunshine Superman. I love the clever names they give their yarns. I got it around Christmas time and it isn't on their website right now. They change the yarns they dye during the year, so it may be available again later.

I love how there is some pooling at the top of the sock, then it goes into a barber pole stripe effect and there will probably be some more pooling around the ankle as I knit the heel turn/gusset area.

Happy knitting -

carol fun


  1. What fun socks, the colors are amazing.

  2. you always find the funnest yarn!

  3. These socks are so fun! I love self striping yarn and how you can be matchy, matchy or not! I think not is so much more fun. LOL

  4. You never seem to stay idle! Love those colorful socks.

  5. I love your socks and want to be a good sock knitter like you. The yarns you use are just beautiful. You are using a circular needle, right? Do you change when you get to the heel gusset? I'm going to try different ways to find the easiest and fastest so I can get a few pairs done in my lifetime! lol

  6. They are gorgeous. I love the colours.

  7. I love the Superman socks! You are still my idol with accomplishing so much.... even when you do not feel the best. Hope today is better.

  8. Love the fun bright colors of these socks!


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