Friday, April 4, 2014

Checking in...

Well I didn't expect to be gone this long again, but the week got busy busy busy. Some of it was productive, I got the storage room almost whipped into shape and cleared some more stuff out of the garage. And some was social, I had a lot of visitors and that was so much fun.

On the knitting front, I started a new shawl. This pattern is Cladonia and this is the third shawl I've made with this pattern. You can see it here.

The white yarn is a  Cascade Heritage Sock yarn. The variegated yellow is from Jwrayco and is called Flowers on the Beach. Both were in my stash and I rediscovered them when I was reorganizing last week.

I think I will add some goldy green as an accent on the lace  edge part when I get that far.

On the social front I was surprised with several wonderful gifts.  On Monday I returned home from doing errands to find this box on my doorstep, Pretty box and bow!

And inside there were SEVEN skeins of that Amazing yarn that I love so much. I see more cowls in my future and maybe a shawl or two.  THANK YOU Mary Ann!  It made my day!

And on Tuesday  my BFF Stephie showed up to go to lunch with a goodie bag for me.  Inside I found this adorable chicken timer and a spatula with a chicken perched on the end.

But the chicken I love the best is the one that now lives in my kitchen sink.

Isn't this a hoot??  Twice this week someone has gone to put something in the sink and has been surprised to see this little chick.  It makes me smile every time I turn on the water.

So I'm hoping to get some sewing and stitching done this weekend. I haven't spent any quality time with my Juki in almost 2 weeks. I miss it!

Happy stitching... and knitting!

carol fun


  1. I love the chick timer and other accessories! They're adorable! :0)

  2. Oh the new chickens are too too cute! What a great gift.

  3. How cute are all those little chickens??? I love the Amazing yarn too :) Your yellow and white is lovely for a spring shawl!

  4. All the chicken accessories are so cute!! The one in the sink would definitely make me smile!

  5. Socks are the best! Love your bright ones. :-) Have a great weekend!

  6. What fun gifts you received. I just love that cute little chicken in the sink. And that yarn, WOW, you have great friends who know you well. Your yellow shawl is very Spring looking. That is such a great pattern, and I can understand why you made so many.

  7. What fun gifts! Love the chicken in the sink!


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