Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Feeling artsy on WIP Wednesday

Oh my goodness! I am feeling very artsy today. I have completed the 20 "big" blocks I need for my next Paint Chips quilt and I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! (insert squealing with delight accompanied by happy dance)

This is the second one of these I've made from the book Stack, Shuffle and Slide by Karla Alexander and as you can tell I am quite taken with this idea. Again I started with the stacks and the cutting diagrams the book suggested but after that I went off in my own direction gleefully cutting here and adding bits and pieces there and mixing in as many fabrics as I could everywhere. If you followed the instructions in the book I think you could put the blocks together in a couple of hours - simple, easy peasy. But that just isn't my nature, if there is a way to make it more complicated and busier I am all over it! LOL! It is so much fun to snip and sew and cut and trim and pick and choose and see what develops.

Here are a couple of the blocks I finished yesterday.

I really like how these blocks look using batiks. My only problem was I have a very hard time leaving well enough alone and I had to make myself stop several time and not do any more cutting and adding fabrics. I tell myself I like the look of the big sections of fabric but then the little voice inside my head says "oh it would look even better with a bit of purple or green or orange, now wouldn't it?" That little voice is so persuasive... good thing it doesn't have a bridge to sell me - LOL! Okay, now off to find a pretty batik for the background and get this top together.

I'm hooking up with Freshly Pieced today - you can get there from here. Lots and lots of cool stuff to look at.

Happy hump day!

carol fun


  1. Great blocks! I've always enjoyed Karla Alexander's inspiration. Looking forward to seeing this quilt progress!

  2. I absolutely love this version using batiks. I can't wait to see what background you choose for it.

  3. Terrific! I'm going to Amazon to get one of her books right away!

  4. I know what you mean about that little voice egging you on. It nags at me too! followed you from WIP Wed linky!

  5. Hi!!!! I love it!!!! Very bright and cheerful!!!! Fun!!!!

  6. MMMMM batiks! Yummy blocks!

  7. So very pretty and colorful!

  8. I love the colours of your quilt. It's great to be creative and add and mix bits and pieces. I call my creations my mystery quilts. I love how the shapes and colours come together and always work so well. Happy quilting.


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