Monday, June 30, 2014

Watching the Paint Chips Dry on Design Wall Monday

I didn't get as much time as I wanted to sew this weekend, but really do we ever get as much time as we want? Anyway I did get the little spacer blocks sewn and I got the blocks arranged on my design wall and I'm waiting for this version of Paint Chips from Stack, Shuffle and Slide to dry.

Now I'm sure I'll make adjustments to the layout as I sew it together but this is a good starting point.

I was really happy to find this background fabric at Fabric Shack the other day. I bought all that was left on the bolt and it is going to be just enough. Love that it has the green and rusty speckly dots on a light yellow background.

As I was putting the blocks on the design wall my older son started "seeing" things in my blocks. Here is a little guy with his arm out waving - I kinda see it and yes he does have 3 legs - LOL!

A forest - I see the trees!

A birthday cake -- well, okay I see the candles but the cake stand looks kinda wobbly.

I'm not sure what that says about him or me except that we are both a bit crazy. As he often tells me "crazy doesn't fall far from the crazy tree" - true true!

Hope today is the start of a good week for all of us!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. It's going to be a wonderful quilt...I love the colors in this one! :0)

  2. Too much fun! I love that your son is "seeing" things in your blocks. Your fabrics are wonderful... love batiks!

  3. I bet you and your"crazy" son have lots of fun!!!!


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