Sunday, June 29, 2014

Moving slow on Slow Stitching Sunday

Well the stitching isn't the only thing moving slow around here... I can't seem to get my butt in gear and finish up any of the multitude of projects I have hanging around. I'll lead by apologizing for not responding to the lovely comments that have you have left in the past week. So sorry. Now I'm procrastinating on completing some paper work, which leads to to dragging my feet on some phone calls I need to make, which has me rearranging stuff instead of putting it away, which leads me to thinking about starting new projects instead of finishing the ones I have started. See? It's a vicious circle and I'm making myself dizzy -LOL!

So I did start this sampler about a week ago, it is the third release in the BBD Loose Feathers Abecedarian series.  After stitching the muted colors of the second release I was craving something brighter and this fits the bill.

Now I again replaced the eyelet stitches with Smyrna crosses. I like the bump in the center of the flowers much better. This one is stitching up pretty quickly as I realized that there are only 2 different branch types growing out of those pots and they alternate right and left. I just need to pay attention to the floss changes and that spot at the top of each plant where there is a space of two stitches, not one, on the stems. Missed it on both sides the first time I stitched them.

When I get this one finished I will have four of the twelve stitched. I received the chart and the linen and the flosses for the latest release, number 11, and I'm chomping at the bit to get it started.
You can see it here. I love the basket of fruit - very summery!

I'm still debating how I'm going to finish these when all twelve are complete. The gals at BBD say that the pieces will fit together as a collage grouping which has my interest. I'm thinking about setting them in a collage group but instead of frames I would sash them with fabric and make a wall quilt. Still have lots of time to make that decision, which is good because like I said, I'm moving slow.

 Okay, must to get out of my chair and get the lasagna made for dinner - don't want my company to be waiting on their meal.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Starting new projects is always such a temptation. Best of luck finishing off some of the old to make room.

  2. You may be moving slow, but you certainly are stitching quickly! Carol I love the blues you are using on the latest BBD stitch "Forget Me Not". It sings to me.

  3. Forget me not is such a pretty project! Really enjoyed seeing yours.

  4. Love this! The blues are gorgeous. Is this a lighter linen? Look fabulous.

  5. What a wonderful project. I love the idea of making a wall quilt out of the series.

  6. A wonderful new project.
    Beautiful colors.

    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Very pretty sampler. Couldn't help but smile at your procrastination thought process - sounds familiar!

  8. Your stitching is quite pretty. You are stitching this very quickly.

  9. I love this sampler.. have looked at it many times. So hard to make a choice of which BBD project to pick! You are doing a beautiful job - and you are so quick! Thanks for sharing this one.. I can enjoy doing it vicariously.

  10. So pretty and delicate... love the blues you are using!


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