Friday, October 2, 2015

A New Obsession...need more yarn...

Okay to be perfectly honest I don't need more yarn... I WANT more yarn... so I can make more socks like these... well sort of like on...

The pattern is called Dorothy's Slip Stitch Spiral Knit Socks and you can see the pattern here on Ravelry. The concept is you use 2 different self-striping yarns and alternate every other row, doing slip stitches on one row, and just knit the other row. I'd say more but I think I would be giving the pattern away and while it is quite simple she is selling it and I don't want to step on anyone's toes... particularly where pretty socks are concerned...LOL! While the pattern has you do it on double points (which I detest) I did it Magic Loop and had no problems.

I used two Drops Fabel yarns I had in my stash... 903 and 911... now these two skeins were in a little bag together which means I purchased them with something in particular in mind... but I can't for the life of me figure out what it I used them for socks instead. Definitely put them to good use! Here is a close up of the slip stitch pattern.

As you can see I finished the first sock and dutifully started the second sock but was distracted by another idea and another color combo. As I was knitting the second sock I was getting fed up with the slip stitch isn't hard... you have to count to 3 and I can do that without taking my socks off but it requires some attention. I don't knit socks to be attentive... I knit socks to veg out which is why anymore all I knit are plain vanilla stockinette socks.

Soooooo... unable to focus any longer I cast on this pair...

I alternated yarns every row but didn't do the slip stitch and I really LOVE how these look. Now both of these yarns are more tonal than stripey... the turquoise is Drops Fabel 340 and the orange is Regia Color 120... both of which were in my stash...yippee!! Free socks!! (Again we are not going to discuss the fallacy of my logic we are just going to accept and quietly tsk tsk tsk to ourselves...right??? Right-o!) I LOVE how this makes scrappy looking socks with no tying of yarn together and no ends to weave in. And I like how you don't know what it is going to look like till you knit it...oooohhh... my idea of living dangerously! LOL

So being totally taken with this new obsession I went on the Internet to see what other examples of these kinds of socks I could find and stumbled upon these...

and these...

and these...

And these 3 pairs of socks really entranced me. Helene used 2 different self striping yarns all Drops Fabel ones and knit 2 rows with each yarn. Such delicious scrappiness!! I found these on Instagram from Helene's happygoknitty name and you can check her out here. So after drooling over her combinations I went Nordic Mart who've I ordered from before and well, you know where this is going... I ordered more yarn because I NEED/WANT more yarn. Hey, at least I'm not drinking or gambling my retirement away, right??? You can check out Drops Fabel yarns here... very reasonably priced around $3.00 a skein and the shipping is reasonable too...$5.50. I'll have a lovely package of squishy goodness hitting my front porch next week and in the meantime I could finish that first pair, or cast on the mate for the second pair, or I could start an entirely new pair with either this combo...

which reminds me of a lovely Fall day... or this combo...

which talks of sunshine and blue skies. (Yes the yarn does talk, you just have to be very very quiet and you can hear it.)

So what do you think I'm going to do next? Oh I got two more pairs of circular needles today at is very very good!

Check out what others are knitting over at Patchwork Times On the Needles linkup today...just click here.

happy knitting!
carol fun


  1. Awright!!! There's something that doesn't tempt me since I don't know how to knit. Tried several times but doesn't work for me. I crochet and crocheted socks and hats and sweaters and stuff just aren't as pretty as knit. So I don't crochet much and drool at all the beautiful socks out there. Yours are really pretty!!

  2. You are an enabler you know with all this tempting sock yarn goodness. I love how they turned out too with both yarns together. I'm not sure how to knit with 2 different skeins alternately and not have a mess, but you have it down pat! When you say you got 2 more circular needles - how do you know which size to buy - 2.25 - 2.75? Do all of your patterns and yarns use the same size. I find that my gauge differs depending on the yarns. Of course I never stick with the same yarn -- that would be too easy. lol I am off to see what Drops Fabel yarn looks like. Thanks for the links -- I think :).

  3. Squirrel in action! The socks look terrific. I love the striped effect both methods. Have fun!

  4. Carol, you make the most incredible socks!!!!

  5. Ok.... thank you for making me buy more yarn when I told myself I was going to use what I have. :) I love, love, love your socks! I saw this pattern the other day and didn't buy it, but I'm going to have to get it now. I had not heard of Drops Fabel yarn, but will be receiving some in the mail soon. Happy knitting!!

  6. Drool! So what size needles do you use to stitch these? Are socks simple enough to knit for a beginner with two left hands? :)


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