Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A little decor tour on Tuesday...

So in the last week I haven't done anything I can post a picture of... the cross stitch I'm working on is a Christmas present... the knitting I did, I frogged and haven't started over...and I haven't touched my sewing machine in a week...doesn't make for an interesting blog post now, does it?  However, Big Dude came to my rescue and suggested a post featuring all my Fall decor... which is his way of saying that "woman you have a LOT going on in this room"...LOL

My house is small and I have a living room/dining room combo layout that is about 160 sq ft and I've packed quite a bit in that space. Here is a look around the room...

through the front door and to your right,  you have a cozy seating area in the "bay" part of the room. Nice and sunny there...

Looking to the left over the couch you see  the TV and my newest display and to the right of the quilt is my messy stitching chair which I cropped out ... not sharing everything...

Now for a few close ups...

I love this book shelf unit filled with pumpkins and cross stitch...

More cross stitch and pumpkins on top on my yellow chest from Target...

and pumpkins and quilts below too.

My newest decor adventure includes this bench/storage unit from my beloved IKEA...it is called Kallax and the bins are called Branas.

The quilt started with a panel from Sandy Gervais...LOVE those birds...and I filled in the rest with improv pieced blocks using several of her Fall fabric collections. This new space gave me a great place to display my latest obsession... a 3 tiered galvanized tray...or as my older son pointed out "its another cake stand Ma"... I LOVE LOVE LOVE cakestands...and the goodies you put on them!

I've wanted one of these ever since I saw it on Priscilla's blog... go here... she does some spectacular decorating with cross stitch and chalkboard and stuff... I've gotten so many ideas from her that I can't wait to play with. The tray was originally sold at Sam's Club but is gone now, but I managed to find it on ebay for the same price that Sam's was selling it for. I had lots of the do-dads and knick knacks I included in this display. I bought those little pumpkins at the grocery.

A few more smiling faces gaze at me while I watch TV...mercury glass... another collection.

Quick count... there are over 30 pumpkins in this space... and a liberal scattering of acorns and other assorted nuts ...some of the human variety...LOL

Hope you enjoyed tour...Big Dude is tuckered out and is taking a cat nap on the new bench. Those quilts are obviously doing a good job padding it.

After a chilly weekend, we are having some lovely Fall weather. I want to work in my yard and clean out the pots that are pretty pooped out, and get some daffodil bulbs in the ground. As a gardener I hate to see the flowers fade but planting bulbs gives me hope for Spring and I will LOVE LOVE LOVE their glorious yellow faces in March.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I always love seeing how people (especially other quilters!) decorate for the holidays. That new Ikea bench/storage unit is perfect there, and the baskets are ideal for fall.

  2. I love all your quilts and decorations--but my favorite decoration is Big Duke--
    he looks so good there--
    smiles, di

  3. You are certainly decorated for the season--love it all!!!

  4. hi, thanks for the tour. I love your quilts and stitching and one cannot have too many pumpkins!

  5. ooOoo! Gorgeous job on the fall decorating.

  6. You're house is very festive looking. I love the galvanized 3-tiered unit.

  7. So amused to see Big Dude sleeping beneath your wonderful bird quilt. Thaks for the tour - love all the pumpkins and the galvanized 3 tier do-hicky!

  8. Do you think the Dude is dreaming about those big birds? Your home looks great!

  9. We don't really decorate for halloween in the UK (give it another 5 years haha). So I'm always surprised/amazed/bemused how people seem to 'go mad' over the water, but I do love all the displays that I see on the blogs and yours is another great one (makes me wish I did the same). Some of those pumpkins are so cute and I love your shiney orange ones and the 3 tiered tray :)

  10. Your home looks so cozy Carol. I love all of your decorations and your cake stand!

  11. You have such a cute fall living area! I don't think it's too much at all!


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