Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sliding into Saturday...

Wow... where did last week go???  I caught a cold on Monday, was miserable on Tuesday, but rallied by Wednesday and actually got some cleaning done around the house by Thursday. Friday was spent running errands and well now it is Saturday. I'm having family over tomorrow for dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday.  I'll be prepping lasagna and baked ziti later today but for the moment I can stop and show you how the quilt I made for his present turned out.

The pattern is Charm Box and I WILL be making this one again... and the fabric line was Chic Neutrals by Amy Ellis along with some stuff from my stash.  On a side note.. isn't this railing wonderful?  It is on a small porch on my next door neighbor's house and she said I could use it any time I want to take pictures... love it!

Here's a  close up of the quilting... Terry Finnerty did a great job on it. I put gray minkee on the back to it should be nice and cuddly. My brother informed me that the quilt I made for him 6 years ago has gotten extensive use... like every day for the past 6 years. And he has washed it frequently, so it well loved but well worn, This quilt will replace that one and I want to get another one together so he has a spare. I'm going to let him chose a top from the couple, several, heck, a whole LOT of tops I have waiting to be quilted.

Right now the sun is streaming through my living room windows and the temperature is rising... suppose to hit 50... woo hoo!  Not typical Ohio winter weather... we will pay for this next month I am sure. Big Dude is keeping me company... he's napping right by my chair...

Now my home is filled with quilts and pillows, so where does he rest his head? On a giant ziploc bag filled with yarn... it must be comfy.

hope you are having a great weekend!
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your brother will love that quilt! Fantastic!

  2. glad you are feeling better. the quilt is beautiful.

  3. Awesome work. It is a great present. Big Dude makes me smile.

  4. The Big Dude is quite the cat! You have a very lucky brother. The quilt is wonderful. I hope the birthday turns out just as good! Enjoy!

  5. Isn't it nice when people use and appreciate the gifts you make for them? Beautiful quilt and the minkee will be very soft and warm!

  6. Your brothers' quilt looked real nice. I know he loved it. I need to try putting minkee on the back of some of mine. I do use flannel from my stash from time-to-time. It was so funny about Big Dude. Typical of cats. They do what they want!


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