Thursday, April 14, 2016

A quilt and Janis Joplin...

Have you been following #patchworkparty on Instagram? It is an event put together by Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts. ... an April Quilty Photo of the Day Challenge. I haven't posted every day as I didn't have a picture that suited every prompt, but I've done about half of them. You can find me @carolfun53. The prompt for today was Quilted Gift and as fate would have it I gifted this quilt to my brother last evening.

I rarely make a quilt exactly like the pattern but in this case it is pretty close. The pattern is called Summer Harvest by Lori Miller  and it appeared on the front cover of a magazine called Quick to Stitch Precuts.  The magazine was on the news stand last year and I had hoped it would be a regular publication but I've never seen another issue. Here is a link to Lori Miller's blog and her post on this quilt.

I had the fabric collection From Outside In by Malka Dubrawsky used in the picture in my stash. I went with a taupe Grunge for my background. It is a super simple quilt to put together and I'd like to make it again.

And here is pic of the quilt straight on...

I backed this quilt with minkee which my brother likes a lot ... and the quilting shows up wonderfully, doesn't it?

The quilting was done by Terry Finnerty of  The Walking Needle.  I forget what this panto is called but I will be using it again ...  I washed the quilt and it  has great texture.

Last night I went to see  A Night with Janis Joplin at the Aronoff Theater in Cincinnati.  I went with my brother and niece and the tickets were a gift from them. I enjoyed the show... some parts more than others. The actress who portrays Janis was great ... she really nailed the voice... the cast had some phenomenal voices  who sang as the blues legends Bessie Smith, Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin... and the 8 piece band was terrific!  The number  "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart" was the highlight for me, and the closing "Mercedes" which everyone in the audience sang with Janis was great too. The show had numerous standing ovations throughout the performance ... quite a show.

Well I have some errands to run today and then hopefully some sewing time.

happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening!

  2. That is one beautiful quilt. I imagine your brother was thrilled with it. Sounds like you had a very nice family evening out!

  3. Carol, How fun to see your version of my quilt. I really like the taupe grunge background color, it sets off the bright colors so well. You did a great job quilting too. Thanks for sharing! Lori


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