Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Every thing's coming up ...

Hit it Ethel.... every thing's coming up.... flowers!  Apologies to Miss Merman for changing the lyrics. With the warmer weather I have been itching to get some flowers planted... but then I remember that here in southwest Ohio the prevailing wisdom is don't put anything in the ground until after Mother's Day... so I've been waiting... not patiently.  And then this quilt caught my eye...

A new pattern from Live.Love.Sew called Flower Basket and you can see it here.  These blocks are BIG... I love big blocks and I can not lie... oh another song riff gone wrong... I wonder how many times Ethel Merman and Sir Mix-a-lot have been mentioned in the same post...strange.

And yes that is Big Dude's tail and a bit of his rather large butt in my picture... these blocks measure 16" finished... the rotary cutter is there for scale.  I really like the look of the background being the prints and the baskets being calmer.

Here are are some close ups...



Sunflowers and little bees...

Sweet Peas...

Now all of these a florals are vintage Hoffman prints ... lots from the Le Jardin collection many years ago. I have a nice stash of these prints  as they always called my name. The white on white print is also vintage (vintage in my book is around 20 years old)... as I was cutting the white on white I was wracking my brain to remember what quilt I used this fabric in and for the life of me the only memory I have is that this fabric was the background for a raffle quilt I was co-chair of back in Modesto California in 1991 or 1992... now that is vintage...LOL! And since all of these fabrics were on my shelves this quilt is utterly FREE!!!!  Four blocks down and 12 to go... will make a nice size quilt for my bed.

And well... I just could not resist getting some real flowers...

I really like this combination... salmon geraniums paired with purple alyssum and some coleus tucked in on the sides. My pictures do no do these colors justice. I planted these up yesterday and put them on the steps of my front porch. Then the severe weather came in last night and I was out in the rain rescuing them. I pulled them up on the back of the porch and they survived. More heavy rain coming today so they may spend the day safely tucked away.

Off to check out the garden centers... so many pretty flowers!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That is a great pattern. I just love all those flower prints,very pretty! We are the same here, the garden centers are going crazy but just this week we had night temps in the high 30's. That's getting close to freezing. I am being pretty cautious with what I plant. Your porch steps look wonderful!

  2. I don't think I"ve ever seen that particular basket pattern, and I LOVE it!!! Your flowers are very pretty. We don't plant before Mother's Day here, either, but it's oh so tempting on these pretty spring days.

  3. Oh, my gosh!!! I LOVE your porch container garden!!! It looks so fabulous; glad you spared them. Also, of course, I do love your blocks (as I said on IG.) it's neat seeing the prints closer-up--hooray for blogging!

  4. ooOoo! Lovely quilt. Lovely pots of flowers too. We usually wait til Memorial Day 'round here. :(

  5. I usually use the "Big" Lyrics for Books, but Blocks works too! Definitely great use of well-aged stash. Pretty flowers too!

  6. Beautiful porch flowers. We can't plant until the end of May. I live north of Lake Erie in Ontario. I have some vintage fabrics in my collection too!


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