Thursday, March 30, 2017

I don't know what has gotten into me...

I don't know what has gotten into me this week... maybe someone put something in my daily granola bar cause I have been super productive where quilting is concerned... I've spent quality time with my sewing machine and have lots of pictures to show... but there is a caveat... the quality of these photos leaves a lot to be desired. I took all the pics with my phone as that's the only camera my laptop will recognize... and while I've tried and tried and tried to adjust the color both on my phone and my laptop to accurately reflect the colors, I didn't have a lot of success. Please believe me that these quilts are so much prettier in real life...

First off,  I spent Tuesday waiting for a  plumber to come look at the water heater (good news... he can do a cheaper fix than the first plumber and will be back next week to do the job)... and while I waited I finished up the last 7 blocks for this quilt...

The pattern for this tulip appears in the Lori Holt Planner... my quilt is bigger... double bed sized... now when I got these tulips up on the design wall and started to cut the sashing ...which is suppose to be the same pale chartreuse-y yellow polka dot in the background of each tulip, it was obvious there would not be enough fabric to do this.... arghhhh.... so I searched the internet and while my background fabric isn't anywhere to be found, I did find another  American Jane yellow polka dot... a bit brighter... that will work. I ordered 3 yards... more than I need but I'm not running out again. I just checked the tracking and it has arrived at the post office in Cincinnati... so perhaps I will get it tomorrow...yippee!!!

I really love these tulips... they are BIG... mine finish about 9" x 12"... most of my tulips are single color scrappy... but a few are multi-color scrappy ... and I really LOVE them... if I had started with this idea I probably would have made them all multi- color...oh well... I had too many made when I figured it out... here are a couple of my favorites...

LOVE the paper doll clothes and the tape measure and the polka dots and the aqua leaves...

and this one has that cute fussy cute print of cursive writing  and a pencil...

here are 2 more of the single color scrappy variety and a glimpse of the border fabric... it isn't this bright in real life... again I apologize for the crappy pictures... grrrrr... if you go here to Instagram this is a better pic of this quilt.

On Wednesday  I went to brunch with my quilty friends and came home and promptly went into my studio... at brunch Laurey had several quilts she had finished binding and well it spurred me to get to the 3 quilts that were languishing on the couch. My memory was telling me that I didn't have anything to bind these 3 quilts with... my memory is faulty... in each case I did have some lovely fabric to bind them with .... I just needed to get my butt in gear... I told myself that if I trimmed the tops and got one bound it would be a good day... I lied to myself... I do that a lot... not only did I get all of them trimmed .... you better sit down for this... I got ALL OF THEM BOUND!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!  NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!!!

Now none of these were huge quilts... all about 65" square or so... and I did bind all of them by machine... but still it is quite an accomplishment for me...

First up this quilt... the pattern was called Picket Fence by Busy Hands Quilts and you can see it here... the fabric was Moda Regent Street Lawn with a Moda Grunge for the background...

This pic is washed out from the sunlight today...

And this pic is a bit bright from the indoor flash...

And if you look back here when I first posted about this quilt .... over a year ago... you can see some other not so great pics of this quilt... in real life it is very pretty and soft and crinkly.

And then I moved onto getting this quilt bound.... a  simple 4 patch quilt with 4 patch cornerstones using Moda Persimmon by Basic Grey... I love Basic Grey fabric collections.... I'm quite smitten with this collection as I still have a jelly roll of it in my stash.  Again this pic is washed out from the sun, but if you go here you can see some better pics of this quilt....

After binding this one I got to thinking (always a dangerous pursuit for me)  if there was any more of this line available on the web...and a bit of searching yielded 2 places that had a layer cake... and well, I WANT it!!!  Now it was easy to decide which place to order from  as the one store had it listed for $39 which was the original price and the other seller wanted... hold onto your hat...$84.99!!!!  Holy moly!!!

As for the third quilt I finished, I'm going to post in an day or so when I get it hung up in my living room... I figured I've overloaded you today, so I'll save something for another day.  It isn't often I have this much to show at one time... heck I don't think I've ever had this much to show all at one time!!! Don't get use to it... LOL...

Well this month certainly flew by... heck the whole year has been flying by... how can it be April already???...okay not till Saturday... but it will be April by Monday... I'm ready for Spring... my daffodils have bloomed and are fading... my hyacinths are looking good and the Japanese irises I planted bloomed but they are midgets... don't know what happened there. I've been looking at flower catalogs online and there are soooo many pretty ones I'd love to plant... lots of new petunias... and dahlias... I bought some dahlia tubers... can't wait to get them into the ground... but I know I need to wait till May... how can time seem to fly and stand still at the same time???  Too big a thought for my little brain...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Way to go, Girl! I want some of what you're drinking. Love the tulips -- all of them.

  2. You really have been productive...that tulip quilt is to die for.

  3. You're a quilting, stitching, knitting machine!!! Love all th quilts!

  4. What a banner day for productivity!!! As for
    The photos, "to be imperfect is perfect". Also, I'm glad you had some better plumbing news come up! I think the tulips are my favorite, though those floral prints are making me want to see more of the second you showed. I wish we lived closer; I need a garden mentor! You may not know why your irises came up short, but you're still the best gardener I know! For now, I'm contenting myself with stitching a prairie schooler garden. :D

  5. LOVE your TULIPS! Lori Holt patterns make the nicest quilts.
    What a week. You go girl!

  6. Gosh, I loved this post. It was so much fun to read. Like we were sitting having coffee together. I love the tulip quilt. It's so PRETTY! I really want to make one. And I rather like all one color with a few being multi. It's a good, balanced look. Great that you did all three bindings - Wow I'm impressed. Even doing them all by machine is a great amount to finish.

  7. I adore the tulips!
    I've been very productive the last week also with my wood photos....I think it's because Spring is in the air!

  8. Now I am very impressed!! All those wonderful quilts just waiting for a place to hang or whatever else you might decide to do with them. the tulips are just amazing. I love their scrappy look!!

  9. Well, whatever it is that's gotten into you.I want some!


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