Friday, September 1, 2017

September means Fall, right????

It is September 1 and that means it is Fall in my world. The day started cold and rainy... only 56 degrees... brrrr...where did I leave my coat?  We are experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Harvey. It has rained all day and by the looks of the weather radar it's gonna rain all night too. But the rest of the weekend is suppose to be nice. Weather like this definitely puts me in a knitting mood... and I have a bit of progress to show on several fronts.

First, I'm still knitting on my Stormy Shawl ... you can see the free pattern here...

my plan is to knit this one till the yarn runs out or till I can't wait to cast on another shawl... I'm fickle like that...LOL

And I have gotten back to knitting socks... I didn't knit a single sock all summer and now I remember why I enjoy knitting them so much...they are mindless... and that is a state of bliss for me...just knit knit knit knit... so relaxing.

I wound some of the yarn that had snuck into the house and cast on this sock...

This is the yarn from Must Stash called Land of Submarines... I'm ready to start the toe which will be yellow like the cuff and heel. Haven't decided yet whether to make the mate to this one identical or to reverse the sequence of the stripes... still pondering.  And if you have a minute and can resist temptation go check out the newest Fall offerings from Must Stash yarns... Autumn Afterglow and Pumpkin Spice Latte are calling my name...argghh!!!!

And this is a plain vanilla sock done in my FAVORITE yarn of all time Opal...

now I know this is one of the Sweet  n' Spicy ones but I have already lost the ball band so I'm not sure what one it is exactly. I added a charcoal gray contrast heel and I'll do the toe in that same dark gray. I love how the wider aqua stripe is subtly ombre and those little stripes of black and white just make me happy.  I swear yarn gives off some sort of pheromones ... I don't think it is possible to be unhappy when yarn is around.

And one more skein of yarn slipped in through the mail slot...

this one is Malabrigo Mechita in the Mandragora colorway and it just screams "Fall" to me. It is going to be a shawl I'm just not sure what pattern yet... maybe another Stormy Sky or Touchstone or Eighty Degree or Sunburnt... all of these  are free patterns on Ravelry and if you click on the  name you can see them.

I'm linking up with Judy's Knitting Report ...just click here.  Judy always has some interesting stuff to share and she makes me feel good about my yarn purchases... no guilt there...LOL!

Well, I hope everyone is recovering from Hurricane Harvey. I know it is going to be quite a long recovery for many and  I will continue to pray and thank the Lord for how lucky I am. Hope you can enjoy a rest from your labors on this Labor Day weekend. I've got plans to knit and sew and not too much else.

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. I LOVE homemade socks and I'm lucky enough that my mom makes them for me. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I love those yellow and blue socks! Lucky you. Might be near 100 by Mon. It never gets that hot here. No rain in over 50 days. Everythinjg is brown and I water my garden often. I am taking down all summer decorations!! Do you think that will help?

  3. Sunburnt. Definitely Sunburnt.

  4. Were suffering from 105' heat. In our marine climate September is our summer. I would be knitting socks even with the heat. I don't knit though but I love handmade socks! I can't decide which yarn I like the best! Good luck with all your knitting!

  5. Your knitting projects are all very cool. The yarns for the socks and shawl are gorgeous. I really like the yellow and blue combination.

  6. i love your love your yellow submarine socks! I am tempted!!! What is the color way of the Opal yarn? It is yummy! Now no more tempting!

  7. thank you for this your broadcast provided bright clear concept..


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