Sunday, September 3, 2017

Getting things ready on Slow Sunday Stitching...

This week has been a productive one where cross stitch is concerned... and I can't believe I have stuff almost ready for Halloween... yeah me!!

First, I finished my Lizzie Kate Boo Club before my self-imposed deadline of September 1 and here is is in all its glory...

It is a very good thing that I couldn't get all 12 little vignettes on this piece of linen ... I now have enough fabric left to leave a border of the linen showing when I frame it...and I held it up to the spot where I want to hang it and if it was much bigger it wouldn't fit there...yikes!!

Top half close-up ...

Bottom half close-up ...

I did change the thread color on Ghost to the Weeks Tomato so I could repeat that orange... it looked more balanced to my eye.  I do love the Frankenstein... he's too cute!! Now to get this to the framer this week so I can hang it October 1.

I really love the way the linen looks on this piece and I showed it on a FB Lizzie Kate group. Several people asked how I painted it and here's the explanation I posted.

OK - here's how I painted the linen. I laid the linen on a piece of cardboard... the linen was dry... I used liquid Rit dye in the bottles and diluted it slightly as it is pretty intense direct from the bottle. I used a paint brush and applied the dye directly to the linen taking care not to overlap areas too much so I would get any brown splotches where colors might merge. I used Hyacinth, Apple Green, Tangerine and Lemon Yellow. After I painted the whole thing I drizzled a little of the Hyacinth here and there for little and sometimes big drops. Since I started with dry fabric the dye didn't seem to spread as quickly as I suspect it would have it the linen was wet. Painting was really easy...nothing that requires talent... just slop it on. The hard part was waiting for it to dry. After it was dry I ironed it with a hot steam iron to "set" it to some extent. Now the back of this piece is not as intense with color... it is not a reversible piece of linen... it has a definite front and back. I did paint a smaller piece of linen as a trial run... after it dried and iron it I wet it to see if the dye would run... I got just a little bit of residual dye. I hope this explains it. It isn't a complicated procedure. I will be doing it again...soon... I have a Prairie Schooler Halloween piece calling my name.

In fact I hope to paint some more linen tomorrow... the  rain has stopped and it is a glorious day here...sunny and 70's and that's the forecast for tomorrow. I want to paint the linen outside on my patio potting table as I don't want to take the chance of spilling dye and messing up my Corian kitchen counters.   I ordered the chart Prairie Schooler Trick or Treat which you can see here...and I'd love to start it.  Realistically I probably can't get it done by this Halloween but it will be fun to  work on during this Fall season.

In the meantime I finished stitching this little Halloween piece...

This is stitched on the scrap piece of linen I played with before I painted the big piece... it only measures 3.5 wide by 2.25" tall... I'll probably turn it into a little pillow to tuck into my Halloween decor.

I was ambitious this morning and put away all of my Summer decor and got out my Fall stuff... at the moment I have the quilts put in their places and lots of the pumpkins placed where I want them. I want to work on my 3 tier tray ... I have some cross stitch I'm going to mount  and then see what arrangement I can come up with.  To set the mood I lit a Spiced Pumpkin Yankee if I could just have a piece of Frisch's pumpkin pie... makes my mouth water...LOL

I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape on Monday. Hope you are enjoying this 3 day weekend. It doesn't seem like Sunday to me since I'm not doing dinner for the family today...we are doing it tomorrow...and then I'll be mixed up on my days the rest of the week...oh is worth it for the holiday.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. This is such a fun project. Everything about it makes me smile. I love how the purple background is behind the word MONSTERS. It seems so appropriate. Would love to do something fun like this. I'm working on my Halloween Eve by Blackbird Designs. I changed the color placement on the pumpkin and I like 2/3rds of it. So, I've got some unpicking to do. The 'Nevermore' pillow will look cute tucked into some niche - I'll have to make a little one with an autumn or Halloween theme.

  2. Congratulations on your LK finish! It turned out great. The Nevermore piece looks super on the scrap. I hope you will share some of your fall vignettes down the road.

  3. The painted linen really enhances the stitching.

  4. This is an especially nice finish, Carol! I really can't wait to see how it looks once you get it finish-finished!

  5. Fabulous! The fabric is a masterpiece.

  6. Your dyed linen looks great with your cross stitch. Framing will only make it better! I haven't the heart to get any Fall decor out. Too damned hot and sticky here. Ugh. It has been 89 degrees all day in my house. I'll look forward to enjoying yours. Glad for no work tomorrow and an allegedly cooler day so I can sew!

  7. Such a cute, scary Halloween decoration. How nice to have it stitched in time to enjoy it during the season.

  8. Congratulations on that adorable Lizzie Kate finish. Super to have it all finished by Halloween. I am not going to complain about the weather (3 days of the 90's) The real worry is the code red warning for wild fires that we are now under.

  9. The LK Halloween piece is so stinkin' did a great job on the fabric dyeing and it's a perfect backdrop for the design. Love the "nevermore" piece, being from Baltimore and now in Richmond...both hot spots for Poe!

  10. What a great piece! I hadn't thought of dying the background but you did a fabulous job with it. Perfect.

  11. I love this, all I can say is wow!!

  12. Both wonderful Halloween bits, and finished in time for this year! Woohoo!

  13. What a wonderful finish, and so creative of you to dye the background fabric. I love it!

  14. YOur fabric coloring really makes the piece!! You certainly got this large project done quickly and it's just adorable! The nevermore little stitch is very sweet too!! Enjoy your Fall! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever


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