Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chosen in the 3rd round....

I spent today sewing on my quilt for the Crazy Mama Quilts QAL and this little cutie was chosen in the 3rd round. I'm having a great time with this project although I have rechecked my math a dozen times. It seems like I have too many blocks cut but I've checked and rechecked and rechecked and it should come out ok. I know that rounds 4 and 5 will take a lot of blocks. I'm trying to space out the novelty prints and the brighter ones but as I sew I sometimes just grab a block and add it. When I look at the top with my glasses off (I'm very very nearsighted) it blurs the whole thing and it appears that the colors are scattered nicely.

Now I should be working on several other projects. I have a quilt for my youngest son that is all sewn and pin basted and it has been sitting in a basket for weeks. And I promised him a new pillowcase too with some cool dragon fabric I found at Waynesville. I need to put this QAL on hold and switch over and finish his quilt. I even have the binding all made and ready to go and it is going to be an all machine stitched project. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be a better mother and work on his quilt. It really shouldn't take too long.

I spent last evening cross stitching on the BBD Mystery sampler and realized that while I had "finished" sections 4 and 5 there were quite a few stitches missing here and there. You know a stitch for one bird eye here and a flower center there. I'm trying to pick them up and truly finish these sections.

Happy stitching!

carol fun


  1. Your quilt looks great! I've been saving the directions for this one but I just can't start on it right now.

  2. Wow, look at you go. :-) Having fun?

  3. i saw your comment on crazymomquilts post, and i had to come check it out. i love the idea of only using one color! it looks awesome!


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