Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Cherry Salsa

Oh it is sooooo hot today and the rest of the week isn't going to be any cooler. Thank goodness for AC. Yesterday I hunkered down in my basement studio and finished my Cherry Salsa quilt top. Isn't it hot and sunny looking with all its reds and yellow? I used 55 differnt reds so I got a nice variety.

Of course it got BIG. Somehow my quilts usually do. This finished about 95" square (I know it doesn't look square in the pic but this is the best angle I could get when I was standing on the table - my version of living dangerously, LOL)

And you must take a closer look at the block right smack in the center. Do you see it?? Yes, it is s polka dot chicken. This was a fat quarter I picked up at Joanns and I didn't even see the chicken until I was piecing the 9 patches. I picked up a square and there it was right in the middle. I think this is serendipity and it makes me smile.

So after I finished up this quilt top I did exactly what any quilter would do.... I started a new quilt top. I decided to start the QAL that Crazy Mama Quilts is doing. Now mine is going to be a charm quilt and of course I'm making it bigger. Was there any doubt? I sketched it out on graph paper and decided that I need to cut my squares 3 1/4" so that my finished quilt will be around 94" squares. A nice generous quilt. Well that means I need 362 different yellow squares. Now I know for some of you that would be a stretch but my yellow stash is quite large and so far I haven't run out of fabrics. I've been collecting yellow fabrics for 25 years, it is my favorite color and the biggest portion of my stash. I rarely make a quilt that doesn't include yellow or shades of yellow. I'm having a blast going through my fabrics. I have lots and lots of dotty yellow fabrics and I'm fussy cutting some novelties on yellow backgrounds. Here's what my design wall looks like at the moment.

There are 242 squares up there... I need another 120. Hopefully I'll get the rest of them cut tonight while I listen to the baseball game. I picked up some white Kona today and I can't wait to start sewing these squares together. This is going to be such a fun quilt. Here are some of the novelty prints -- take special notice of the polka dot chicken. (Come on you know I LOVE a theme!)

And lots and lots of dots!

Stay cool and happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Your Cherry Salsa quilt is spectacular! Oh it will be so fun to watch your quilt along quilt grow...you have amazing yellows.

  2. Love your Cherry Salsa quilt - its fabulous. Lots of great reds.

    That's an incredible variety of yellows - wowzer. Your quilt along quilt is going to be very sweet.

    I'd love to respond to the comments you leave on my blog, Carol but you're set for 'no reply' :-(
    Need your e-mail address.

    Stay cool.

  3. I meant to come over for a visit sooner, how slack of me. I love your version of Summer Sals, it's gorgeous and so are the fabrics you've used.

  4. oooh...LOVE the cherry salsa quilt...so pretty!


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