Sunday, August 14, 2011

A sampler for a sleepy Sunday

Well now that I'm awake (I took a 3 hour nap - it was wonderful!) I have a sampler to show for this Sunday. This is Happy Hearts Sampler by Birds of a Feather.

The finish date on this one is 2002 - a nice symmetrical number! I love that this sampler had lots of places for initials of special people in my life. First off the heart that has the initial CMD was serendipity as it was graphed this way and these are my sainted grandmother's initials. The P. F. refers to my dear mother and I decided that M in the heart stands for mothers.

The C and N in the joined hearts are my sons' initials and my initials are tucked in under the giant tulip and heart on the left hand side. There are so many wonderful motifs in this sampler. I LOVE those hands with the hearts and the enormous birds and all the heart and flowers. But the one thing this sampler didn't include was a house - soooooo, I tucked one under the flower in the upper right corner under the big 4 heart flower and above the gentleman's head. I felt that this made the sampler truly my own.

On the framing front the sampler I thought was going to require a second mortgage ended up only costing $70! I was very happy. My plan was to get a wide molding but when I saw it next to the sampler it was too much - it over powered the stitching. I chose a medium width frame that is very simple but I think it will look very nice. It should be ready in a week or so.

As I said on Friday, I sewed a little (made some quilt blocks), I knitted a little (worked on 2 different socks) and stitched a little (I'm enjoying stitching the BBD Willow House chart), but I think I spent more time napping than any other activity. Both yesterday and today included a rather lengthy sleep in my stitching chair. I don't know if it was the weather (we did get some rain) or just that I needed it but it was enjoyable. Hopefully I'll be a bit more productive as the week progresses.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I love this sampler!! I have it my pile of those I hope to get to one day!

  2. Naps are the best! You must have needed a little extra rest. Love the sampler - that gentleman looks so debonair. :o)

  3. Your samplers are just beautiful. I have one that is dated 1843 and was done by my late husband's great grandmother when she was ten. It is wonderful. And I highly approve of naps and am getting to be an expert at them! Carol

  4. Great sampler - don't you wish all the Birds of a Feather cahrts were still in print?


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