Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I was suppose to be doing.... and what I did!

Yesterday I got up and told myself that I would get my son's two pairs of suit pants hemmed before the day was over. But first I got a bit sidetracked... you know the crafty ADHD just overcame me and I'm easily swept away, dontcha know!

I've been wanting to make some of those adorable mini-boards that Lori Holt showed on her blog, Bee in my Bonnet, and I dove into that project.

As you can see mine are all dotty and Big Dude is keeping a sharp eye on them. I should have gotten 6 out of a sheet of foam core board but the first one I did was a mess. I burned my finger on the glue gun and my hot melt glue oozed out all over the place and it looked nasty. So I rummaged around under my cutting table where various sundry items reside and found some glue - Fabri-Tac by Beacon Adhesives.

The first line of copy on the back of the bottle says "throw away your glue gun" - -well I'm not throwing it away yet but I will use this glue again. It sets up quickly and you don't burn your fingers and since it has an acetone base I swear you can get a contact high while you work - maybe that's why I was so happy! LOL!

Even though these mini-boards are only 10" square they work well for doing big blocks too. This is part of one of my Swoon blocks.

It was easy to take the pieces from my design wall to the sewing machine and keep them in order. And I was so productive that I made this block -

my second one for Swoon. Again I love it! That orangey pinky print is a giant overblown tulip so pretty.

As for my son's suit pants... well they did get hemmed..... about 10pm last evening. Hey, better late than never.

Hope your week is moving along nicely. Happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Love your boards and your "Swoon" blocks. Thanks for the tip about the glue. Also, you didn't commit to a time yesterday when the pants would be done so you still reached the self-imposed deadline. . .

  2. Hi Carol , thanks for your visit and sweet comment !! I just browsed through your blog and I love everything you make !! You're an artist !!
    When I saw the sockyarn which you showed, I was drooling over my keyboard , LOL , I never saw such awesome sockyarns here !!
    Patti xx

  3. Love your boards...I keep wanting to make some but I haven't used my glue gun in ages and ages and knew I'd burn my fingerprints right off...thanks for the tip on the glue. I'm going to look for some of that! Love your Swoon block!

  4. Well....I think getting sidetrack was the order for the day...I didn't do a think I intended to do. Love your boards....

  5. The mini boards are cute! I just love your next Swoon block :-)

  6. So cute!! And you got the pants done too!!

  7. SHHH! I have told my family that just because I own a sewing machine does not mean that I do hemming. Don't tell!
    Love the swoon blocks.


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