Monday, May 13, 2013

Fuzzy math on Design Wall Monday

Oh I am sooooo close to being finished making these nine patch blocks....

I sewed and counted and pressed and was sure I had enough but when I went to put them on my design wall I came up 4 short. It was late and I was too tired to plug the sewing machine back in so here is where I left it. I have a "formula" I'm following for this pattern - oh it is a new one from Thimbleblossoms called Niner - you can see it here. Anyway my "formula' has me making some blocks with cool corners and some with hot corners. Then as I follow the layout I alternate the hot and cool blocks.

My "formula" calls yellow, orange, red, and pink hot colors. Blue, green, turquoise and purple are cool colors. A problem I encountered is that lots of these Westminster prints combine hot and cool colors in one print. So sometimes the squares I cut were both hot and cool. I blame this for my fuzzy math which had me miscounting how many blocks I needed. It has nothing to do with my math skills - LOL -- oh it has everything to do with my math skills. I can never get a quilt to come out with the correct number of blocks without a lot of fudging and finagling.

Here are a couple of my favorite nine patch blocks -

I should be able to get the four blocks I still need made today. Then I'll play around with the arrangement. I can see places where there are too many lights in one spot - gotta spread them around. And, instead of putting this together as big blocks made up of 12 nine patches like the pattern calls for, I'm going to put this together in diagonal rows. Also, I'm cutting the outside setting triangles so I get straight of grain on the outside edges. I can't wait to get this one all sewn together and off to the long arm quilter. It makes me HAPPY!

Here's wishing you a week of happy sewing!

carol fun


  1. I agree its very happy! Love the colors!

  2. At first it looked like Bonnie Hunter's Rick Rack Nines. Then it looked like Carrie Nelson's Hat Trick. Then I saw the difference in the layout.

    I do like nine-patches, and I have a new batch of 3.5" minis from the Block Swappers. Hmmmm......

  3. Great looking blocks. I totally understand about the fuzzy math. Happens to me all the time. I think it has something to do with a fuzzy brain. LOL

  4. Such wonderful happy squares!!

  5. I am loving your nine patches. They would look great with my houses!

  6. Oh, it's already so pretty, I can imagine how stunning it will look when it's done. I am loving Westminster prints lately and have recently begun my collection. Love it!


  7. What happy colors! Thanks for posting.


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