Friday, February 7, 2014

Some knitting for the Olympics is On the Needles

Did you see the Olympic coverage last night? I watched a bit of it at my son's house. The Opening Ceremonies are tonight and I can't wait to see them. And like lots of others who have hand work projects for Olympics watching, I have selected this scarf as my Olympic endeavor. I know that you are suppose to wait till the Opening Ceremonies to start, but hey, the competition in Sochi started already and I couldn't wait to jump into this scarf.

This is Ma Belle Amie... My Beautiful Friend. A free pattern on Ravelry that you can see here. I love all those stripes.

I'm using Paton DK Superwash Wool. I bought these skeins on sale at Joanns.

My color progression is gray/apple green, apple green/turquoise, turquoise/orange, orange/purple, purple/yellow, yellow/gray. When I get finished I will kitchener the ends together and it should make a very long infinity scarf that I can wrap a couple of times around my neck. I am making it narrower than the pattern called for. I only cast on about 50 stitches and I think it will be plenty wide.

As for last week's work, I did get my latest Urban Lace cowl knitted but not blocked. This is the Aurora colorway of the Lion Brand Amazing yarn.

So I will have my butt parked in my happy chair watching the athletic performances of those in much better physical shape than me for the next 2 weeks. Its a hard job but someone has to do it - LOL!

Happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. I love your colorful scarves. The wool looks so soft. I've wanted to learn how to knit, and a scarf seems like a good beginner project. Enjoy knitting while you watch the Olympics.

  2. I'm printing off this pattern now! Love those stripes. I read through the pattern as was wondering about all those yarn ends and see that you carry it along. The Urban Lace cowl is gorgeous as well and I have enjoyed looking at each one you do. Where do you find the Lion Amazing yarn? Those colorways are fantastic.

  3. Your scarf is going to be fun and funky! Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the Olympics last night and can't wait to watch again tonight. I'll be working on my Swing Cowl :)

  4. I love the stripes on your project! It's going to be such a fun cowl and it'll go with everything. No watching of Olympics took place here last night, but we'll be tuned in this evening. I've been saving a couple of quilts to bind. I'm penciling in a good, long walk this afternoon now that the temps are above freezing and hoping it won't make me feel so guilty for sitting on my butt for the duration of the Olympics.

  5. You have lots of beautiful yarn, I hope you enjoy the ceremony! I will be watching too and stitching away on Paper Snowflakes!

  6. I really like your Urban Lace cowl. Such pretty colors. Enjoy the Olympics while you knit. I'm working on my first pair of socks.

  7. No not watching the Olympics....maybe will tune in for a bit today??

    Love the yarn...great TV projects

  8. I like all things creative n thrifty and I found you from the GYB party.couldn't find your entry on your site. so decide to comment here.

    I don’t have a lot of blog time in for I just started blogging when I joined the blog party it was my New Year resolution. 600 entries and I am Reading my 442 blog and more to go. I am bloglovin You and site following


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