Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh look... another shiny ball of yarn!

As I've confessed before I have crafty ADHD. So many projects I want to work on, and so many new shiny things that catch my eye - it is hard to stay focused. Which is my excuse for why I have 2 half knitted pairs of socks when I could have one finished pair and one half knit pair.

This is my start on the second sock for the one I showed last Friday. I love this Regia yarn and the lumpy bumpy texture of the pattern. A 4 row repeat -  Row 1, 2, 3 Knit. When you get to Row 4 K1, P1 all the way around - easy peasy.

Suddenly I spied this ball of yarn and I had to cast it on - RIGHT NOW!

Plain vanilla sock but oh do I LOVE the scrappiness of this yarn. Its another Regia. I got both of the yarns here on ebay. The multi color one I showed first is Istanbul Mosaic 5560, and the hot pink, yellow, navy scrappy one is Avenue Passion 1116.

And somehow these four skeins of Malabrigo Rios sneaked into the house when I wasn't looking. I think they squeezed themselves through the mail slot as I found them on the floor right inside my front door, making themselves at home.

I assume they came to live with me because they knew I want to a knit this shawl called Jimi -
 you can see it here. I love that it has stripes and it is suppose to be a quick knit for a beginner. I'm more than a beginner, but my recent trouble with shawls has led me to think an easy project would be good idea. Now to find time to cast one one. And yes, there is enough yarn there for 2 shawls...making choices can be hard when you are crafty ADHD, dontcha know?

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. Love your socks, simple patterning is always good when you have beautiful yarn like yours.

  2. beautiful yarns and socks!! thats how we deal with attention deficit is by having so many projects going!!!

  3. Love your socks! I fight with crafting ADHD, too. There are just so many wonderful things to make! Your shawl will be beautiful.

  4. Beautiful yarn. I love seeing all the fun colored socks!


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