Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cue the banjoes...

I've got dueling projects on my design wall this week. First up I've made several more blocks for my Novelty Charming Stars quilt.

I got the inspirattion for this quilt from one done over at Sophie Junction which you can see here. Along with the gray one and the yellow one I had already sewn I added a bright blue one...

...with the Beatles and bees and flying pigs (Cincinnati is known for its Flying Pigs) and Barcelona and a little green man and 2 monkeys riding a bike (you don't see that every day) and dragons and sewing stuff.

And I made a light blue/aqua block...

...with Thomas the Tank Engine (a favorite of my boys) and scissors and a pig ballerina (after chickens my favorite animal is a pig) and bananas and sunglasses and  a pickle wearing a sombrero  standing next to a slice of pizza (who thinks up this stuff)  and kids on a school bus and a mermaid.

And I did a pink block...

...with a very large very happy bee and candy and peanuts and high heels and purses and hearts and a prince and peace signs and cupcakes... this block got real girlie on me as I didn't have a lot of novelties on pink backgrounds and you aren't going to find a lot of dump trucks on a pink background...just saying.

And I did an orange block...

...with googly eyes and spotty dog and hula girls and frogs wearing witches hats and more strange eyeballs and green peppers and sweet little girls and gators wearing glasses (that one is a recent acquisition that I couldn't pass up...LOL!)

So I'm happy with these blocks and plan to make several more. I think this may get up to be a 12 block quilt. I know I can make a block in purple, green and red and I have a ton of novelties with black background so there may be several of those... stay tuned!

And on the other side of the design wall I'm still working on my Bar Code quilt (you can find the instructions for it here.)

I'm very happy with how these blocks are going together with a mix of low volume prints and brights and black and white prints.

I got balls of yarns and chickens in the yellows and chicken tracks and chicken wire and chickens and mustaches and little pink bikes in the low volume strips. I'm not sure that other quilters'  low volume prints are as noisy as mine...LOL!

And I got black cats and bats and birds and green peppers in this block... a nice variety, dontcha think?

So the dueling quilt tops are humming along nicely. My plan for the Bar Code quilt is to make 35 blocks and the Novelty Charming Stars...well, I'm not sure about it yet. I'm seriously considering just making blocks at the moment and saving this for my yet to be conceived I'm not pushing the newlyweds in any way... they're in charge of that project...I just like being prepared.

I'll be linking up with Freshly Pieced and with Patchwork Times.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. The stars are so fun and I love the Bar code quilt!

  2. What a fun and happy project! =) It looks so fun! The colors that you chose are so happy! =) Happy sewing! ~ Aloha.

  3. These are both such fun happy quilts!!!! I love the idea of the novelty stars -- before seeing this I thought I had a large extensive novelty stash, but I think yours exceeds mine! :D

  4. Carol, Your quilts always make me smile!!!

  5. I just love, love, love those novelty stars. However did you get such a variety with backgrounds that go so well together? What a great quilt for a game of "I spy with my little eye."

  6. I love the stars. I'm a great fan of novelty fabric as it always makes me smile

  7. You have some of the cutest prints... and the variety! It's a real treat to see these close up, put a big ole chubby grin on my face!

  8. These are both such an awesome way to use novelty prints! Love the colors!

  9. So many fun fabrics! And I love the bar code pattern, I'll have to keep it in mind! :)

  10. It looks like you are having too much fun!!!

  11. You know, I think I have novelty envy... I have an extensive fabric stash...My efforts, my mothers efforts, my MIL efforts. but I am short on the funky fun stuff...gotta do something about that!

  12. Those are so many fun and bright colors!!! LOVE the barcode quilt!

  13. I am amazed at the size of your novelty stash! And I really like your noisy low volume prints. They work so well with your other prints and show that "low volume" covers a lot of different fabrics.

  14. How beautiful! Love everything

  15. I just love the stars. It is one of my favorite quilt designs.


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