Sunday, June 7, 2015

Not finished... not finished... finished... yeah!

Again I have no idea where the week went... but I was busy busy busy. It was one of those weeks where lots of events ended up all in the same week... quilt guild meeting Monday night, play at the Aronoff (I Love Lucy)... it was fun... and then a Cincinnati Pops Sing a long concert last night at Riverbend. I was quite the social butterfly... LOL! Next week there isn't a thing on my calender...yet...except for calling a plumber (I'm finally biting the bullet to get the work done on the downstairs bathroom) and need to drop off some paperwork to the title office for the house and a friend is coming over to sew and I'm doing lunch with another friend...hmmmm...maybe not as unbusy as I thought...oh well.

In looking over my cross stitch projects I have more not finished than finished. I did make progress on my BBD Early Morning Read. I stitched 5 more flowers and 3 more letters...that leaves 6 flowers and 6 letters to go.

Now I cast BBD Early Morning aside so I could start this one... Free & Brave by The Drawn Thread. You can see it here.

I realized that it is only a month till 4th of July and if I want more patriotic pieces I need to stitch more patriotic pieces Amazing how that works, isn't it? I'm a genius... not! This is only 76 X 76 stitches so I hope it will be a quick project. The pattern calls for one strand over 2 threads but I prefer a move covered look so I'm using 2 strands. This sampler includes some interesting woven Spratt stitches and satin stitches which I will leave for the end since I wad my stitching up in my hand (as if you couldn't tell that from the wrinkles in my pictures...LOL)  and I don't think those stitches benefit from that kind of treatment.

But I do have something finished and back from the framer...ta dah! BBD Bittersweet Lane.

This is a piece from the Prim Stitcher's Club at Dyeing to Stitch. Bev at Joanns in Deerfield Township did another wonderful job with the framing... I added that gold beaded fillet which I think is a nice extra touch.

So pop over to Kathy's Quilting and see what everyone else is working on for Slow Sunday Stitching. My son and DIL and I think her mom too are coming for dinner tonight but I've got my stuff ready to go. My beloved Cincinnati Reds still stink but I'm still watching them play baseball this afternoon. Hope you have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Oh Bittersweet is so pretty Carol. I love the gold beading on the frame.

  2. Oh Bittersweet is so pretty Carol. I love the gold beading on the frame.

  3. Bittersweet September is just beautiful. What a perfect frame for it. Love your WIPS, it is time for those patriotic pieces!

  4. This is the perfect scenario... a new project to start, an ongoing project to cast aside, and a finished project to enjoy! LOL

  5. Yay for a finish! looks like you're making lots of progress on everything!

  6. Bittersweet Lane is gorgeous! The gold beaded filet really picks up the gold in the stitching. Excellent choice!

  7. Bittersweet is so pretty. I love the way it is framed. I am the same way with patriotic stitching. I usually remember that I want to get some done on July 1st. A little late to start for the holiday. I really just have to start. You have some really pretty stitching in the works.


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