Sunday, August 4, 2019

Some Additional Assembly Required on Slow Sunday Stitching ...

Hello all... another week flew past... and without checking my calendar I can hardly remember what happened... sheesh... I'm getting old... I do remember having coffee and a coke with a friend...that was good... and my son had a check-up and that went well... but other than that not much stands out...

The weather was weather... not too bad... some rain... had to do some watering... more petunias died... saw mums at Home Depot but they always want sky high prices... so I'll wait a little longer... the dahlias are full of buds and I've had to stake a bunch of them ... I've already decided I need more of the dinner plate varieties and the pompom ones...and I need more purples and white ones...and more light pink ones... yeah this is getting addicting...LOL... good thing I don't drink, smoke or do drugs... flowers and fabric and yarn and thread are waaay more socially acceptable ways to spend my time and money... they make the crazy seem almost least that's what I tell myself... it doesn't sound crazy to me at all... oh I think that is the definition of delusional, isn't it??? Don't want to know... not listening... fingers in ears... ROFL...

I did get some stitching done and I've even FFO'd ... that's fully finished an object this week... first is August from Hands on Designs A Year of Celebrations...

kept it simple ... a golden yellow burlap bow, a small silk sumflower and a little bee pin from JABCO.

And this one I've had finished for a while but forgot to share it...  Sister's Farm Fresh Eggs by Pineberry Lane...

I painted the linen and changed the colors and pinked it up a bit... I really like the chicken wire frame... I stained it with Rit dye... another burlap bow, a flower from my cardmaking stash and some leaf-y straight pin accents.

Another Pineberry Lane piece... Mrs. Maguire's Hen House...

I love this frame for its hen house shape... it was clearanced at Michael's ...and brown... I spray painted it white and removed the clip. The rickrack edging was a bit tricky... I tried dyeing it without much success as it is 100% polyester... so ended up "dyeing" it with a Copic marker...I am so glad I have a stash of crafty supplies ... they come in handy again and again.

And here is the truck from Hands On Designs Fresh Eggs Farm...

the galvanized frame is from Michael's... that polka dot burlap ribbon is from Dollar Tree ... I need to go back and get more of it... too cute... and I've accented the piece with more JABCO pins... I accidentally pulled the chicken off of the straight pin so she's stuck on with a bit of adhesive.

Already last week I knew what I was going to do with ScissorTail Designs Rise and Shine and here it is...

this little galvanized caddy came from Hobby Lobby as did the silk flowers and I again used some of my JABCO pins... aren't the chickens cute? I've been collecting these pins for a while and I'm glad I'm finally using them ... they are too cute to sit in a drawer.

I still have a couple of other things I want to FFO and then re-decorate the living room. I'm declaring August to be National Chicken month at my house...oh my goodness... I just looked it up to see if there is such a thing as National Chicken month and there is... it is September... so I'm gonna be early... for me September is when I break out my Fall stuff ... anyway... I'm  going to do the shelf unit and my tier tray with chickens ... and I have a new wall quilt that will feature a chicken... gotta get it bound and a sleeve as you can tell there is some additional assembly required.

Doing dinner with the family on Monday evening and I'm babysitting Elliot on Tuesday...I want to get back down in my sewing studio this week. Yesterday my handyman was here and he knocked out a bunch of jobs I had for him... got my Christmas present rain barrel hooked up ... just need some rain now... cut down the legs on the workbench I got from a neighbor... it was in the neighbor's  basement and was probably there 50 years... it was definitely handmade for someone waaaay taller than me... now it is shorter and will make a great potting bench on my patio... it is painted a funky 50's green... I'm going to see if I can match the color as I really like it... he fixed the faucet and the doorknob in the bathroom... repaired a hole in a hollow core bi-fold closet door  (probably saved me $150)... and the best thing he did was replace all 24 light bulbs in my studio with LED bulbs... WOW... the light down there is way more white and clear... the fluorescent ones definitely had a yellow cast ... I've been wanting to change them for a while ...glad to have all these jobs done. I still have a couple of larger jobs I want him to get to but he is so busy... will have to wait a bit longer but it will be worth it. He does great work and a competent handyman who doesn't gouge you is a rare find.

I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts  today... and perhaps if I get that quilt bound and the sleeve done I'll post tomorrow too. I have four more blocks to do for my son's Quilty Star quilt and I know I'm going to sew that pattern again ... besides the Christmas quilt... maybe a version with my Kaffe fabrics... or one with my American Jane stash... it is such a fun block and goes together fast. Oh, all the With Thy Needle & Thread charts I showed last week arrived... I think with was Thursday... I've already pulled some threads and dyed and painted linen for 2 of them... need to get the other stuff FFO'd and then I can dive into them... need more hours in a day... and I don't mean Daylight Saving Time... you know how I feel about that...LOL

Hope you all have a good week ...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your finishes are amazing! Such cuteness!

  2. Such adorable finishes--love how you stage your works..very creative hugs, Julierose

  3. Beautiful finishes, congratulations!

  4. I enjoyed seeing all your finished finishes. Well done! That polka dot ribbon is adorable. Great idea on using your pins that have been hanging around! Enjoy your week!

  5. Great finishes! Thank you for taking the time to share pics of them!

  6. All the finishes are adorable!! Chickens are a great theme for August. I always feel like it is sort of an in between month. I feel done with Patriotic but it is too soon for Fall. I usually put up a few sea themed things . We do live fairly near Puget Sound so it kind of works but I don't live on the water or even have a water view so it isn't the best. Hope you have a great week!

  7. You are hilarious!... I don't see anything crazy or delusional in any of this behavior!
    And it's WAY better for you than all of the possible things to indulge in...
    Indulge yourself to your hearts content!
    And also... can you send your handyman over here... I need one!


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