Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A rant and some quilty content...

I had plans, big plans to sew today but instead I spent hours running around trying to by a bag of fake plastic snow, sometimes called buffalo snow. How hard could it be to get a bag of this? Plastic snow at Christmas, a slam dunk easy errand - ummmmmm......no, no it wasn't.

Michaels - nope, went to 2 different locations and they were both packed

Walmart - nope,but retail sales look good here too

Hobby Lobby - nope, but I did use the restroom

Meijers (a kinda Midwestern Walmart) - nope, but I did see some cute Shiny
Brite ornaments I might go back and pick up

Target - nope but did buy some cute food ornaments for our "food" Christmas tree - I need to take some pictures

Lowe's Hardware - nope and can you just feel the desperation here?

Hallmark - FINALLY SUCCESS! this Hallmark store sells a lot of Dept. 56 Christmas village stuff and I was told they sell plastic snow year round!

OMG - I just counted these up and realized I went to EIGHT different stores for one 7 ounce bag of plastic snow. Insanity or determination? I'm picking tenacious. Now this took from like noon till 4pm. I drove all over the place and the Hallmark shop was actually the store closest to my house! Why didn't I think of them first? By the time I got the plastic snow I was too tired to start the project and I only had a short time before I had to go back out and pick up my son - sheesh!

Here's a pic of my design wall with the Christmas charm squares....

I'm loving the yellow sashing and red corner stones. I envision a wide yellow border.This is a little over half the top, its going be 11 blocks by 11 rows.

Isn't this flamingo fabric cute? Its a Nancy Wolff.

And this is another Nancy Wolff - a polka dot Christmas tree, I like.

I spoke with Heather who won the Christmas charm squares and she was so excited. She a young mother with 2 small kids and is just beginning to build a stash and wishes she had more time to quilt - remember those days? Don't we all wish we had more time to quilt? Anyway I could tell she will have fun with these fabrics. Hope tomorrow holds more stitching time for all of us!

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Been there, done that and it's exasperating! I hate those kind of days. I love your Xmas quilt!

  2. I was on that same errand a few weeks ago because my son needed fake snow for a science project about a blizzard. I searched high and low and couldn't find it anywhere. We ended up finding it at CVS of all places.

  3. OMG who would have known...Hallmark? I would have tried all the other places too. Days like that are so frustrating. Your quilt is wonderful! So happy!

  4. Loving the quilt! Looks awesome! I was thinking another pattern but now I'm not sure as yours shows more of the designs. I like it!

  5. Now this is some creativity, these quilt designs are really awesome and I don't thing there will be a single person who won't like it. Thank you for sharing the post with us


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