Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh I did it again.....

I made another 22.5 Degree Shawl. This is my third one and I think there will be more of these in my future. They are addictive.

I did this one with that Amazing yarn by Lion Brand. I used all of 2 balls, about 300yds. The colorway is Acadia. The only place I've seen it is the Joanns in Centerville, OH. I love love love those scallops on the edge.

I spent time today cutting 5" squares of my Christmas fabrics. There is a great mix of colors and styles. Red, forest green, limey green, gold, hot pink, turquoise, aqua,orange. And there are some great contemporary prints - Riley Blake, Kate Spain, and some retro looking prints. Notice I said retro not vintage or antique - the prints remind me of wrapping paper from my childhood and I'm not old, I'm retro! LOL --so much more hip, dontcha think?

And you have to see this wonderful chicken fabric I found at Fabric Shack. I practically squealed when I found it -- ok maybe I did actually squeal - but come on it is wonderful!

It is from Timeless Treasures. Now there is a border stripe too in the red, black and yellow that would make great valances for a kitchen. Unfortunately my kitchen can't handle it. I have a peach ceramic tile floor which is looking pretty dated but the powers that be in this house would never even contemplate replacing it, so I work with it and continue to entertain visions of my dream kitchen which would be black, white and yellow - maybe some day.

Happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Love the colors of the shawl. I will be learning to knit this month and love looking at what others are working on.

  2. What a beautiful shawl! If only I could knit -but then do I really need another obsession besides cross-stitch! Cute fabric too!

  3. You DID squeal! Bobby and I heard you and looked at each other like "what the heck?". Love the shawl. Bought the thread for my cross stitch today, need to get with you so you can get me started.......

  4. Good job on the shawl and oh, my, oh, my, but that chicken fabric is splendid! I like the sounds of your dream kitchen.

  5. Beautiful scarf and hilarious chickens. I'm so glad I don't live closer to Fabric Shack but now I really feel the desire for a road trip.


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