Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I loves me a.......

gingerbread man! What I love the most about gingerbread men is that they are soft and warm and never give you any guff about that stack of fat quarters you just tried to smuggle in from the car --- I'm just saying..... they know how to keep their mouths shut- LOL! Anyway isn't this a cute gingerbread guy?

He's made with a brushed flannel body and I tea dyed the rick rack and handstitched on the buttons and bow ties. Now you know I must really like him because while I love buttons I don't like to sew them on. This was a pattern for a potholder, I think in an issue of Fons & Porter's magazine several years ago. And he was sooooo cute that instead of a potholder, I made a dozen on them!

Sorry for the bad angle, this quilt is hanging in my kitchen hallway and there is no room to back up for a better shot. The fabric is an older Sandy Gervais Christmas line that I loved because the "reds" were really more peachy reds which is perfect for my kitchen with the peach tile floor (remember I talked about this floor, it ain't going anywhere no matter what I want). This is the 2nd quilt I made from this gingerbread boy potholder pattern. The first was browns/red/blue and used a border print that had a gingerbread recipe on it. That one lives at Stephie's house now. So you can see how I get carried away with gingerbread men.

And then there is this batch of gingerbread guys.

These are made of cotton batting, two layers sewn together. Then you painted them with a mixture of glue (I think Aleene's Tacky glue), water, instant coffee and cinnamon and you "baked" them in the microwave. (I'm not kidding this is how you did it.) Anyway you "bake" them on one side and then turn them over and do the other side. The cinnamon made them smell so good and they really look like dough. These guys were special and I hand embroidered their noses and made a whole family. They are quite cozy with my polka dot Christmas tree (I have 3 of these cute dotty

I also made a bajillion of theses little gingerbread guy pins a couple of Christmases when my youngest was in grade school and gave them as gifts to teachers and aides. I went to a retirement party this summer and somehow the gingerbread men pins came up in conversation and several people told me that they still wear these pins and staff members identify each other as people I liked - LOL! A secret society of elementary school staff who I thought were special people.

Along with the giveaway of Christmas charm squares I'll include one of the little gingerbread men pins. Don't forget if you want to be in the giveaway leave a comment on that post. Ok, I'm off to stuff I have to do, like laundry and clean the litter box and I hope to have time this evening to do stuff I want to do, like play with my Christmas charm squares.

Happy stitching!
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  1. Be still my heart! I decorate my kitchen with Gingerbread boys and girls - that quilt would look adorable on my kitchen quilt rack.

    So much sweetness on this post. YUM!

  2. All of those gingerbread are so dang cute! I am a bit partial to the quilt though. So clever and creative one and all!

  3. Love all the gingerbread men! Great quilt.

  4. Gingers2, as I call them, love living at my house. They have it quite made, sleeping all summer and lounging on my couch all winter. Wait, that's my husband! Oh no, it's the gingerbread quilt also! I love hand-me-downs:)

  5. Hey, Carol. Your unsavy computer quilter friend found her way in. I love the gingerbread men and remember the quilt. Wish I had more time. Grandchildren will love that quilt!!

  6. I think that looks SO much better than a lone potholder. Thanks for sharing! :D


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