Thursday, November 29, 2012

All I want for Christmas....

well, I have my two front teeth, but I don't have an 11 foot inflatable reindeer whose head moves back and forth!!

Oh my goodness, I came across this guy at Walmart in the garden center and he immediately captured my heart. Now there really is no justifiable reason for purchasing an 11 foot reindeer except I think it is hilarious. I would love to see this guy in front of my son's house because the scale and proportion would be FUNNY! My son's house is a one story, low slung house and it would tower over the house. My son thinks I'm a bit unstable but not certifiable..... yet.... but maybe in the near future - LOL! I haven't gone and bought one, but I giving it serious thought.

On the sewing front, I've had a change of direction and those soft Fig Tree Marigold blocks have made way for these BIG stars.

Yep, these are just like the Big Debbie Stars but I'm calling these Big Nick Stars for my youngest son. He asked for a new quilt for his bed and picked these blocks and fabrics. Nick rarely asks me to do something quilty for him so I wanted to jump right on this. I'm going to make 9 blocks and do sashing. I want to get this done in time to take it to the guild meeting Monday night so I can pass it off to my long arm quilter, Cass. And there is nothing as motivating as a looming deadline. I should be able to pull it off.

Nick picked all the fabric for this quilt. He chose tone on tone and patterns that were not girly and he did a good job. All the reds and blacks came from my stash. I did have to get some more of that Moda Marbles background but it is another almost free quilt. I like that!

Off to get the last 3 blocks sewn - happy stitching!

carol fun


  1. I can just see you sneaking over to is house in the middle of the night and setting this up!!
    Love your blocks!!

  2. The stars are great and your son did do a wonderful job picking fabrics. Would be funny in front of a small house. These blow up decorations look great, but the motor/fan is usually loud and can drive a person crazy.

  3. It looks like a great quilt for a guy. The colors are just right! He's a lucky young man.

  4. You are funny! Would that be considered reindeer bombing?

    Those big stars are beautiful, lovely colors.

  5. I love the reindeer! Get pictures once you give in and buy it and put it on your son's front lawn! LOL

  6. Not certifiable yet--that's almost as funny as an 11 foot inflatable reindeer looming over the garden department :) The stars look terrific. My son only allowed black, blue, and grey. I sneaked in a lot of white in the prints I chose to keep it from being a gloomy gus quilt.

  7. Would son #2 think it was a good joke and help you?!

    Love the quilting.


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