Thursday, March 7, 2013

Showing my socks on another snowy day

The snow is still on the ground and the temperature is a chilly 32 degrees so socks, warm socks are required for today.

These are a pair I made back in October or Socktober as it was referred to. And in keeping with a theme - and I LOVE a theme- I was knitting along with the Patchwork Times blog and only using Opal yarn. Now this it not your typical Opal yarn. It was called Antonia Hand Dyed and it has a picture of some young gal on the band. I assume she is some star in Europe but I haven't a clue. Anyway this yarn comes in a skein not a ball like the all the rest of the Opal I have, but it is definitely the same quality and it totally machine wash and dry. I snagged about 4 skeins of this when it was on sale at Simply Socks for about $10 a skein. What a bargain! I did a little search of the web and it appears this yarn is pretty much gone. Darn it! (ha-ha bad knitting pun) I did see a skein or two on WEBS site but I have both of those colorways.

I was pleasantly surprised by the flashing and pooling of this yarn. It is the antithesis of Opal's regularly patterned stripes - which I like too. This is another skein I'll keep in mind when I get around to dyeing yarn this Spring.

And speaking of socks, check back tomorrow to see what's on my needles. I realized that I have been knitting nothing but socks for the last month or two and now have another lovely collection of single solitary socks. Gotta buckle down and finish a second sock for a least one pair - right? Probably not - LOL! I'm too crafty ADD. They will sit for a while and age and when I discover them again the yarn will seem new and then I'll finish them up.... I hope.

Stay warm - happy stitching!
carol fun


  1. Those are handsome socks. I don't knit, but I just love to look at the socks everyone makes.

  2. At least your feet will stay warm with those pretty socks!


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