Friday, March 22, 2013

What's on the needles this week

I've been doing a bit of sock knitting the last couple of weeks on lots of different socks (I wasn't kidding on Tuesday, I really do have about 7 different socks started)  but I actually a matching pair to show today.

Ta-dah! A complete pair of socks!

This yarn is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and is called Supercolourfragilistic. I really like this yarn. It great to knit with and the colors are so vivid. I've made several pairs using Blue Moon yarn. I love their color combinations and the creative names they give to their yarns. I was hoping for less striping and more pooling, but you get what you get.

However, on the pooling yarn scene I do have this sock...

Front of sock

which is looking good, if I say so myself, and I do!  This is Opal's Antonia Hand Dyes that I showed on Tuesday. I got mine from Simply Socks Yarn Company several months ago. It was on sale, but I don't see anymore on their site. However, I did find some colorways here on Webs.

Back of sock

This is going quickly. I'm doing 62 stitches on 2.75 mm needles. I love the colors in this skein. There are a couple of shades of turquoise. purple and a taupe-y chartreuse-y gold. Very interesting. I hope the pooling continues after I turn the heel and start the foot. My experience has been that sometimes the skein starts out very promising but then it reverts to just striping. Which is nice, but pooling is waaaaaay better!!

I had planned to work on a Spring-y shawl until Judy at Patchwork Times issued her pooling sock yarn challenge. Oh well, the weather here in Ohio is still more Winter than Spring. The forecast is for accumulating snow on Sunday into Monday which means more wool sock wearing days in my future.

Happy stitching and knitting -

carol fun


  1. Love your new pair of socks! I really like the way the heel is so different from the rest of the sock. And your new sock! That aqua is gorgeous! So much fun.

  2. The pooling is amazing. It is so funny that you and others are looking for the pooling. We always thought getting pooling meant we had done something wrong with the yarn.

    Times change.

  3. Gorgeous new sock and great pooling. Your "here" link for the yarn at Webs isn't working, but I managed to find the yarn anyway. Thanks, I think! :-)

  4. The link for the yarn at Webs worked for me. I was just looking out of curiosity, and before I knew it, 5 skeins of yarn were in my shopping bag, and are now on their way to a new home.

  5. Love your Supercolourfragilistic socks! Way to go on getting your sock to pool.

  6. I have in the past avoided pooling, but I am going to take Judy's challenge too. It's fun to get pooling once in a while!

  7. Looks like you've found a great pooling yarn! Pretty colors also.

  8. LOVE those socks! I really like the colors and style of the completed pair, and the pooling on the unfinished pair is looking really neat. Look forward to seeing them when they're done!

  9. That is a beautiful color and the pooling is stunning. I would wear wool socks for at least another month here too. We ae getting snow on Sat. night/Sun.

  10. These are so pretty! I agree, pooling is nicer than striping, but stripes are pretty cool too :)


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