Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge

Judy L over at Patchwork Times has put together a fun knitting challenge that I CAN NOT resist - pooling sock yarn! You can check out all the particulars here.

So last night I went rummaging through my stash and came up with these 3 candidates. (And as I sit here and type this I can think of 2 more skeins still buried in the storage room - oh well.)

The cake in the front with the needles stuck in it and the skein in the back are Opal Hand Dye from the Antonia line. I got them here at Webs. The one on the left is Schoppel Cat Print Hand Dye Collection. There are 2 separate disks which are suppose to give you matching pooling socks. I love the pooling part but will not make them matching when I knit this up. Decisions, decisions... which one to knit first???

And the winner is... this skein of Opal Antonia Hand Dye colorway 3172... why?? Because it is already wound in a cake and I think the purple and yellow in this one look Spring-y!

Per Judy's request I have photographed my choice in front of a calendar - my favorite Mary Engelbreit calender. I don't know if you can read what it says but the quote today is "I'm not confused, I'm just well mixed."  It is attributed to Robert Frost - who knew?  Anyway I'm going to cast these on tonight... and we will not dwell on the one, no two, no three, four, oh wait, there's another one, five, okay at least six single solitary socks that are awaiting the creation of a mate.

Happy stitching and knitting!

carol fun


  1. Are orphans socks like orphan quilt blocks, I wonder? LOL Love the yarn! It definitely looks springy! :0)

  2. I was hoping you'd pick that color!


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