Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A bit of Show and Tell

Last Monday evening was my guild meeting and I took two quilts for Show and Tell. I made the tops last year, but they didn't get quilted or bound till this year, so I'm counting them as my first finishes of 2013. You saw these previously in their design wall state, but oh does quilting really make them shine - in my humble opinion. And a quick apology for the lighting of these pictures. The weather has not cooperated to take them outside so I guilted my sons into holding them for a quick snap.

First is the one I call Big Stars for Nick. It is now gracing his new bed and he loves it.

This is the Missouri Star quilt pattern that I found online and you can see the video here. This block goes together quickly and it is BIG.

Cass used a variegated black and red thread with a loopy star pattern. Nick likes it because it isn't "girly" and observation both of my boys have about most of my quilts.

And here is my quilt from that same Missouri Star Quilt Company video - Big Debbie Stars

I used a total of 91 different Debbie Mumm fabrics in this one. If you want to see some close ups of the fabrics click on this post- here. Now Cass totally surprised me with the quilting on this one. I submitted my standard request for her to pick a nice overall pattern and use a variegated thread. I didn't quite see the pattern until I looked on the back..... oh my goodness!!! CHICKENS!!!

Aren't they just the best quilting pattern ever? LOL!

Cass said when she saw this pantograph she knew she had to use it on a quilt for me and had been waiting for the right one and this certainly is it. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

So that is my bit of Show and Tell. As I finished up taking pictures of the quilts I asked my sons if I could take a photo or two of them. Nick declined but Chris acquiesced.... sort of....

this is the shot I got. He is there under the quilt - a sort of padded witness protection program. Oh well - they are both great kids and I am very proud of them.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Woo-hoo! Love these!!!

    How wonderful a quilted chicken must be for you! :o

    I really like the big graphic effect of the simple colors on the version for your son. :D

    I still have the tutorial for these quilts saved; thanks again for sharing it!

  2. Lol ~ Chris sure stepped right up, didn't he!! I love, love, love both of these, but especially that first one!! That chicken pattern is sooo you!

  3. Such a fun show and tell! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Even though I know who is under that quilt, I love his pose. Your humor makes me laugh.

  5. Love the quilts, quilting, and pictures of your sons. They sound like my boys.

  6. Quilting does change the fabric so much! These look wonderful. Chicken panto, that is hilarious. Photos of quilts with the owners take different forms, obviously!

  7. Both great quilts, but I'm totally in love with Big Stars for Nick! Awesome, and the quilting is perfect.

  8. I so agree, quilting "makes" the quilt.

  9. What beautiful quilts ... & quilting! Cass was right ... that pantograph has your name written all over it : )

  10. Oh, these quilts are so cool!! And I went over to look at the tutorial and I can not believe how quick this incredible quilt is to make!! Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction!! And the chicken quilt pattern is so perfect!! LOL!! Your blog is going on my sidebar!! :-)))

  11. That chicken pattern is fabulous and so perfect! You whipped those quilts out fast. Seems that tutorial was just posted and I'm still thinking I have to make some and here you are with 2 awesome finished quilts!


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