Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Before & After House Pictures

I know,I know, I know I said I'd be right back with more pictures but all this renovating and moving in stuff is taking waaaaayyy more time than I anticipated. Thanks for all the lovely comments on my post last week. It isn't easy taking pictures in a small kitchen - you really can't back up enough to get a good wide shot. I even thought about going outside and getting on a ladder and taking pictures through the windows but ladders and I don't usually come to a good end.

So here is a picture of what the living room/dining room looked like when I bought the house. The viewpoint is as you enter through the front door - okay but tired.

And now the view when you open the front door!

Lots more going on here. This room has cove ceilings with a little molding to separate it from the walls and the windows have the original cornices which have matching trim. The couch and the table and chairs are from IKEA (I heart IKEA). The back of the couch doubles as a quilt rack and sports my Butterscotch Scrap Jar quilt. On the wall by the dining room table is my Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler - love that piece and have never hung it before.

Now turn slightly to your left..

New flat screen TV sitting on.... another piece of IKEA furniture. I love that it provides space for the cable box and space to display seasonal decorations and QUILTS!!! I have ten quilts folded and displayed behind the glass doors. (You might be able to see it better if you make the pictures bigger - sorry for the glare off the TV - I'll try to get some better close ups later.) Now that quilt on the wall to the right of the TV needs to be moved over a smidge to be more balanced with the samplers. And I'm thinking about putting something above the TV.

Here's another view...

That big round ottoman/coffee table is also a storage unit. The top comes off and it has wheels on it so it is easy to move around. It came from Front Room Furnishings as did the rug. It is hard to tell but the rug has a ferny leaf sculptured into it. And there is a cute little yellow end table from Target next to my chair.

This is the table (yeah that is pretty evident). I have on a nice Fall runner and I've had the big leaf plate for years. I like this table but I have plans to change it out for the round version. I can use this one in the basement so it won't be abandoned. The round version expands to an oval which would be nice when I have company for dinner.

And now what I call the "bump out". As you enter the front door this area is to the right. You can see the top of the couch in the picture, as it is right behind the couch.

These two chairs (from Pier 1) set off my whole color scheme for this room - taupe and YELLOW!!! Let's face it you don't see a lot of yellow in furniture and you know how I LOVE LOVE LOVE yellow. And the little round table in the middle is a personal favorite.

I bought this table for $15 in a resale shop in Greensburg, Indiana. It wasn't yellow (imagine that -LOL!) It took two coats of primer,two coats of yellow and some glazing to get to this point (I spent more on paint than I did on the table) but I love how it turned out. Just what I wanted for this spot. The lamp is from Hobby Lobby (purchased on sale... does anyone pay full price at Hobby Lobby?)

And turning slightly to your right again, you've circled back to the front door and my new decorative shelf unit that serves as a replacement for a mantle and a foyer display.

This too came from Hobby Lobby and I'm very happy with all the display space it provides. I was able to show off some cross stitch and some quilts and lot of seasonal Fall decor. This will be fun to change all year round.

So I probably should have taken some close up shots of stuff but I probably already put you into picture overload. I am happy with that the room has shaped up like I envisioned it and I've been able to use a lot more quilts in here than I thought. As I sit here and type and look around the room there are 19 quilts of various sizes in this room -- OMG - that a lot of quilts!

Lots of friends asked about the status of my studio .... well it isn't pretty. It was the last space to be finished and while I moved a lot of stuff in early I shouldn't have. It had to be moved around several times to accommodate the floor issues and everything got very dusty. I have got some of the stuff put away but there is a still a small mountain in the middle of the room to sort through. Keep in mind I didn't take this picture until after I had been working down there for a while and there was a LOT LOT LOT more stacked up that I've gotten out of this space.

YIKES!! This is gonna take a while... and yes that is a cheese head on the top of the pile. Sooooo I'm off to get my car serviced today (way overdue) and oh did I mentioned that most of my weekend was consumed by problems as my son's house. It rained here A LOT- 3" in 2 days - and he got water in the finished part of his basement. Lots of wet vacuuming and soaking up water, followed by calls to companies to remedy the problem and me being the one to be there when they come. (He wasn't goofing off, he had a big case to present in the 1st District Court of Appeals for his job with the city of Cincinnati, so I helped out.)

Hope you are having a great week!
Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. WOW! What a difference 19 quilts and a lot of hard work make. Love what you have done; very inviting! Great change to move the fridge and make it counter depth. Love the rug in the dining area. Enjoy your new place.

  2. Carol, I think it looks like home now. I know you still have lots of work to do, but I hope you feel 'at home' now.

  3. Carol, your new home is lovely. I feel certain you've enjoyed moving in and getting settled. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Looks amazing! Can you tell me where the TV stand came from - IKEA also?

  5. Carol, The house looks very warm and welcoming--you did a great job!

  6. The changes you've made look fantastic! Love the furniture and pops of yellow!

  7. It's beautiful, Carol! I love yellow too, and would feel right at home with your yellow tables! The sewing room will fall into place in time. Relax, and enjoy your space.

  8. Your home is looking wonderful. The quilts and the stitching make it so warm and inviting!

  9. Exciting to see all your beautiful handiwork displayed!! I know some people have trouble putting nails in freshly painted walls and am glad you're not one. Adore all those display areas and your color scheme for showing them off. Love the "bumpout" area and your sweet table.

  10. Everything looks so wonderful!! I hope you are enjoying and settling in to your new home!

  11. Wow, girlfriend, you have certainly been busy! It's looking great. Keep the updates coming. It's so fun to see the before and after pics. Glad you are finally in your new house!

  12. The house looks amazing! Congratulations on your new home!!


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